Randy Orton Answers Fan Questions on His Time Away from WWE and More

Posted by Matt Boone June 26, 2012 7 Comments

- Randy Orton was asked by a fan on Twitter this morning how home was treating him during his time off from WWE. Orton replied that he has been strength training with a trainer four times a week. Orton added that it feels good to be refreshed but he’s ready to return.

Orton took more fan questions and confirmed that his punt kick was banned. He also joked that Brodus Clay is his dream opponent.

One fan asked Orton if it was true that he was smoking marijuana. Orton replied, “I can neither confirm, no deny.”

Finally, another fan referenced a recent interview by Ken Doane where he claimed John Cena was trying to get Orton fired. Orton replied:

“I’ve never seen reporters backstage. As for your ‘news’ sites. Look at them for entertainment, not actual backstage happenings”

  • Randy Orton

    I smoked it but didn’t inhale

    • Vincent

      Are you really Randy Orton?

      • Randy Orton

        What do you think?

        • dwayne j


          • Adolph

            IT IS YOU*
            SIEG HEIL

          • Tony Schiavone

            This might be the greatest comment in the history of our sport!

  • 40 dawg

    So orton is a juicer and a pothead. You’d think if he smoked weed he’d be more melo and calm instead of a hot head throwing tantrums all the time. And way to not really answer the less serious questions. Should teach a class.

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