Randy Orton Gets An RKO After RAW, WWE Superstars Preview

Posted by Brad Davis October 15, 2013 9 Comments

- The following matches were taped prior to Monday’s RAW from St. Louis for this week’s episode of WWE Superstars:

  • Damien Sandow vs. Kofi Kingston
  • Dolph Ziggler vs. Big E Langston

– The dark main event following Monday night’s RAW in St. Louis saw Daniel Bryan defeat Randy Orton running knee.

After the match, Bryan invited referee Chad Patton back to the ring and asked the crowd if they wanted to see an RKO. Patton did the “Yes! Yes! Yes!” chant and after the third one, Bryan hit Orton with the RKO to end the show.

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    • blacksuperman762


    • John-mark Humphreys

      Daniel Bryan used his own move on him thats the firts hahahaha

      • RKOViperAngel

        Randy Orton really needs to and fucking should beat and defeat Daniel Bryan!!!!
        It’s pissing me off that Randy Orton’s not blocking and countering then aggressively attacking his in-ring opponnnent(s)!!!!
        Randy not being allowed to fucking aggressively fight back against these a-holes and douchebags he’s doing matches against makes no fucking sense at all and is incredibly stupid, suckfest and lameassed, no-good, insulting, antagonistic, embarrassing suckfest crap!!!!!

        • guest123

          shut the fuck up.

        • guest123

          you really are one piece of shit, if you’re gonna bitch go to a different site you dumb fuck.

    • ViperStrike1

      Randy Orton not being allowed to RKO Daniel Bryan and that asshole Chuck Patton sucks horribly lousy and awful!!! Why should Randy do that?! As a way to retaliate against those two guys for fucking with him! Randy Orton should kick both their mother fucking skulls in to retaliate against Daniel Bryan and Chuck Patton for behaving obnoxiously, arrogantly, AND antagonistically towards Randy Orton!!
      Randy should use Daniel Bryan’s “Yes” lock against him and also strike Daniel Bryan with his knee and do the same to Chuck Patton!!!

      • guest123

        you need to shut the fuck up also.

      • efhsh

        gosh obviously somebody wasn’t breastfed this morning…

    • LBlock18

      Randy Orton Randy Orton Randy Orton………seriously? D. Bryan and CM Punk are the two best wrestlers that WWE has and your crying because Orton isn’t dominating give me a break WWE fans aren’t real wrestling fans that’s for sure ROH AAA CMLL NJPW that’s wrestling

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