Randy Orton Says He’s Not Working At SummerSlam

Posted by Michael Bluth August 9, 2012 6 Comments

Following the completion of a 60-day suspension for his second violation of WWE’s Wellness Policy, Randy Orton is currently overseas with the SmackDown brand for this weekend’s tour of Asia.

However, with less than two weeks until SummerSlam, the main event superstar says he won’t be wrestling on the show.

Orton responded to fans Twitter on Thursday afternoon (Japan time), talking about the 12 1/2 hour flight, keeping in touch with his wife Samantha while away and more.

When asked why he’s not featured on WWE’s promotional material hyping SummerSlam, he responded:

  • Randy Orton

    I’m just gonna go to my dealer get some cheap weed then go home and blow the smoke in my kids face

    • Hulk Hogan

      Let me tell you something brotha! That weed I sold you might have angel dust in it, how bout I come over with some more weed and we can get high and Hulkamainia Can run wild on your wife ;)

      • Frieza

        HOGAN! You sold my weed to an earthling! You, me, one on one Bound for Glory 2012 all the way to Namak

        • Batman

          Frieza! You said you were going to share your weed with me if I turned a blind eye to your meth dealings.

          You’ve made a mistake………WEAR ARE YOU!…….WEAR ARE YOU!!!!

          • Frieza

            Please I was only using you so you don’t tell goku on me, but now I’ll blow up this entire planet!

  • PJT

    Orton isn’t on a PPV? Well, I’ll be damned.

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