RAW 1,000 News: WWE Going All Out, Attention To Hour 1,

Posted by Brad Davis June 7, 2012 7 Comments

In less than 7 weeks, WWE will mark 1,000 episodes of Monday Night RAW and a new ‘3-hour Interactive RAW’ era begins. With RAW’s ratings lower than WWE and USA Network are happy with, the company plans to go all out to ensure the milestone show is a success.

As previously reported, WWE has reached out to 20-30 legends to appear on the show. Additionally, a DX reunion (featuring Shawn Michaels, Triple H and likely other members) as well as a rare television appearance from the Undertaker are expected. It’s also been rumored that we’ll see the main roster debuts of one or more of Florida Championship Wrestling’s top prospects.

WWE is especially concerned with drawing viewers to the first hour of the show. The first hour of special 3-hour RAWs typically a significantly smaller audience than RAW’s normal time slot.

WWE is already getting in the habit of conditioning fans to tune in at the start of the first hour of a 3 hour show, with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon scheduled to conduct his job performance assessment of John Laurinaitis on next week’s 3-hour show.

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    • CM Drunk

      This time we go ALL THE WAY! …….. By bringing back FUNAKI!!!!!!

      • Ice


    • ExtremeWrestlingFan

      This show is gonna be so cool…that it might just give me…a broken freaking neck!

    • CM Drunk

      No doubt hogan is trying to get on it

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Harshana-Madusanka/100003668207967 Harshana Madusanka

      dx vs nash and x pax
      foly vs funk

      • Scorpionking

        annoying x pac sucks balls, nash cant wrestle for shit…dx vs brothers of destruction.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Harshana-Madusanka/100003668207967 Harshana Madusanka

      what about return of batista and goldberg

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