RAW Preview: HBK Appreciation Night Brock Lesnar

Posted by Brad Davis August 6, 2012 0 Comment

Tonight’s WWE RAW takes place from San Antonio, Texas.  The road to SummerSlam continues, with less than two weeks before the “Perfect Storm.” Aside from the “Shawn Michaels Appreciation Night” festivities (which may or may not be televised), here’s a look at what to expect for tonight’s 3-hour broadcast:

– Brock Lesnar is scheduled to appear on tonight’s RAW to continue building towards his SummerSlam main event match against Triple H. With Shawn Michaels in the house, it’s been rumored that WWE will run an angle where Lesnar attacks Triple H’s longtime friend to get even more heat on the former UFC heavyweight champion.

WWE.com’s 5-point preview of RAW is teasing the following items:

– The latest from Daniel Bryan’s new “NO!” attitude and his feud with Kane
– Will Del Rio be forced wrestle after declaring he won’t compete until SummerSlam?
– Randy Orton back in action – “The Viper Hunts Again”
– The Prime Time Players continue their quest for tag team gold
– CM Punk responds to the triple threat WWE Title match at SummerSlam

The dark match main event will see John Cena vs. Big Show.