RAW Producer Doesn’t Like Sheamus, Mistico Highlight Video

— The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that RAW producer Kevin Dunn is not a big fan of Sheamus, despite Triple H being a big of him. So far this year, Sheamus has a 1-8 win-loss record on WWE TV and pay-per-view events.

— Jim Ross tweeted the following on Sin Cara, now formerly known as Mistico: “Mistico is signed, sealed & delivered w/ WWE. Now known as Sin Cara. Helluva young hand. A new star looms on the horizon. Congrats Sin Cara. Every major media outlet in Mexico City present 4 Sin Cara media announcement. He’s doing 1 on 1’s now w/ them including espn deportes. It was great 2 rep WWE in Mexico City 4 Sin Cara signing anouncement. Appreciate the opportunity to step back on the field, so 2 speak. WWE has high hopes for Sin Cara. He has many new masks. Major TV ‘rollout,’ He’s 27 & has (opportunity to be) main eventer. A flyer, offensive innovator.”

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