RAW Producer Doesn’t Like Sheamus, Mistico Highlight Video

Posted by Brad Davis February 25, 2011 26 Comments

— The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that RAW producer Kevin Dunn is not a big fan of Sheamus, despite Triple H being a big of him. So far this year, Sheamus has a 1-8 win-loss record on WWE TV and pay-per-view events.

— Jim Ross tweeted the following on Sin Cara, now formerly known as Mistico: “Mistico is signed, sealed & delivered w/ WWE. Now known as Sin Cara. Helluva young hand. A new star looms on the horizon. Congrats Sin Cara. Every major media outlet in Mexico City present 4 Sin Cara media announcement. He’s doing 1 on 1’s now w/ them including espn deportes. It was great 2 rep WWE in Mexico City 4 Sin Cara signing anouncement. Appreciate the opportunity to step back on the field, so 2 speak. WWE has high hopes for Sin Cara. He has many new masks. Major TV ‘rollout,’ He’s 27 & has (opportunity to be) main eventer. A flyer, offensive innovator.”

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    • sumguy

      ok sheamus, love him or hate him has charisma and I’m really starting to like sheamus becuase he’s one mayo looking fella. lol I don’t like mayo but I like how he plays it off. I hope he’ll win more

    • Hobble

      I’m pumped to see Mistico (Sin Cara sorry) in WWE, I hope they keep his theme music because it’s an epic song.

      • Gerry

        hey hobble,what was his theme in mexico?

        • Hobble

          It’s the song in the video above. Ameno I believe it’s called.

    • Random guy

      Kevin Dunn doesn’t like Sheamus. Neither do most fans. And considering he’s been getting buried more and more lately, it seems like HHH has given up on him as well. Nice knowing ya Sheamus.

    • Kub

      Yes people dont like Sheamus, thats because he’s a heel. Youre not supposed to like him. And that says alot about him and how far he’s come the fact that he can continue to put people over, yet he is still a believable world title contender. Thats exactly what you want. A monster heel, that makes people around him look good.

      • uh…

        There’s a difference between good heel heat and bad heel heat…Sheamus is uncharasmatic and one-dimensional. Being bored by a heel is NOT good heat.

      • Random guy

        That’s a cop out response. People don’t like him because he stinks. He doesn’t get booed /ignored because he’s a good heel. He’s just a boring wrestler. Miz and Del Rio are in the same boat right now.

        WWE uses the same logic you are on this. Which is why all their heels suck.

        Sheamus doesn’t get “heel” heat,he gets, “you are lame” heat. There is a HUGE difference.

        • McC

          Most of talent in the wwe are boring wrestlers.

    • haha

      So is this like on the 80’s sitcoms, when the kids started to get too old and lost the ‘cute’ factor, they’d bring in new lil kid castmembers to fill the ‘cute’ void?…….Rey Mysterio has started to become stale so here comes the new high flying risk-taking luchador?

      LOL its still cool…they’re beefing up the roster with cruiserweights…expect some fantastic matches in 2011

      • Random guy

        Has nothing to do with “cute”. WWE is just trying to get, and keep, Hispanic viewers. That’s the only reason Rey Mysterio still works for them.

        • haha

          Excellent point…I totally hadn’t considered that. Well, regardless of the reason they signed him, it’s a positive move…with Daniel Bryan, the soon-returning Evan Bourne, Mysterio, etc…WWE has a STELLAR lightweight division on the horizon. Since TNA dropped the ball with the X division being basically forgotten, it would be a great time for WWE to fill that void. Too bad Kaval bitched and cried that he didn’t get an instant push and quit…he would have been perfect and could have been a HUGE star

          • http://www.youtube.com/user/thejimmyripp jimmy ripp

            in ur comment regarding kaval “Lo-Ki” he didnt bitch and moan about a lack of a push….he asked for his release because he didnt like and didnt feel like he would be able to continue the work schedule. he didnt feel it was a right fit for him nor that he was a right fit for it….so he left on good terms. please get ur facts right regarding things like that…(im not dogging you …this is someone i shared a locker room with and he is really a great guy and terrific talent)

    • Erich

      How the hell do you know if he gets “youre lame” heat, or true heal heat? You don’t. Stop talking out of your backside.

      • Random guy

        Wrestlers get true “heel” heat when they act like heels and the crowd boos in response. Wrestlers get “you’re lame” heat when the crowd doesn’t care if the wrestler is a heel or face, and just boo him because he’s boring. “You’re lame” heat is the same as “go away” heat. Cena is a perfect example of “go away” heat. Sheamus gets the same heat, he’s just not a face.

        That’s how to tell the difference. Educate yourself before you make a statement like that.

        • Save_Us.Y2K

          Have you ever been to a live show in last 5 years? Cena ALWAYS draws the biggest reaction from the live crowd, usually to the point where you can’t even hear his music. Love or hate the guy, don’t say “he has go away heat” because it really makes you look ignorant. We get it, you don’t like Cena. It doesn’t mean that millions of people are in the same boat as you. I’m not huge on the guy either but to compare the reaction he gets from the crowd to Sheamus is laughable.

    • http://www.youtube.com/slic3gce Hollow Bonez

      Sheamus is f’n boring. I have DVR so every chance I get, I fast forward his matches. I’m really excited to see Mistico. I honestly think he is a better performer than Mysterio. It will be nice to see them compete against one another.

      • Hobble

        Two conflicting things that stuck out from that.

        First a judgement “Sheamus is f’n boring”
        And than “I fast forward his matches”

        How does one judge a wrestler by skipping their matches exactly?

        • http://www.youtube.com/slic3gce Hollow Bonez

          Well actually you jacka**, His matches are boring. I don’t know if you realized but he have been fighting mid-carders since the beginning of 2011. The last match where I found Sheamus entertaining was when he fought Morrison in a street fight. And to answer your question, If one wrestler doesn’t know how to work, then it makes the match look stiff. If you scroll up, you will see that Random Guy is definitely right, Sheamus doesn’t get booed for being suck a great heel, he gets booed for being a bad wrestler. Choke on that.

          • http://www.youtube.com/slic3gce Hollow Bonez

            such a great**

    • keikeioe

      Mistico…looks like a decent character to take over for mysterio. finally a new mask guy too. :3

    • KIK

      Sheamus is kind of like Swagger, got a huge push, a short title reign then pretty much jumps strait down to random appearances. I’ve also noticed McIntyre got the huge “chosen one” push then started having matches with no point. Gotta make room for Cena to headline WM somehow I guess.

    • TheMaskedKane

      I wanna see Mistico do the El Pendulo to Rey when he debuts in WWE. And I hope he’ll be on SmackDown…

    • Glen

      If WWE uses Sin Carra properly and let him do all this stuff then he’ll be a massive hit. Mysterio is great but getting on a bit and has suffered quite a few injuries, so a new star of his calibre is great for WWE.

      • Hobble

        Mistico is far beyond Mysterio’s calibre. He’s much more technical, faster, and has a lot more charisma.

    • DJ DEEP

      I can see a new tag team forming………Sin Cara and Mysterio……interesting…….their finisher will be double 619’s Would be intersting to see also his arm maneuver vs Del Rio’s arm lock.

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