RAW Rating Dips Below 3.0: Lowest Rating Of The New 3-Hour Era

Posted by Brad Davis August 14, 2012 7 Comments

The ratings are in for Monday’s 3-hour WWE RAW and it’s not good news for WWE.

Monday’s RAW drew a 2.84 rating for the 3-hours and a 2.93 for the final two hours, RAW’s old timeslot. 2.84 is the lowest rating RAW has done since expanding to 3-hours on a weekly basis last month.

The show averaged 4,134,000 viewers, also a new low for the 3-hour era. The first hour dipped below 4 million viewers (for the first time since RAW 1,000), with 3,795,000 viewers. Hour two had 4,252,000 viewers while hour three did 4,354,000.

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    • WWEisLAME

      Because the show was garbage at 2 hours.

    • Vader

      PG anyone???

    • 40 dawg

      Well hopefully that trend continues so wwe looks like dumbasses for the treatment of their mid card talent and what’s currently going on in wwe. You can only take the same wrestlers wrestling for so long. Ratings would probably go back up if wwe would stop dicking the mid card talent and feature more of them, hell and maybe having them win some matches. The best thing to do is channel surf raw and when you see a wrestler you liike that hasn’t been on tv in a while watch so that segment rates high and change the channel when the golden boys are on. Wwe would get the point really quick.

    • Broski

      Backstage politics

    • PG Era Draw

      It’s all about PG! Plus a GM who skips doesn’t help.

    • ExremeWrestlingFan

      Maybe if you would stop putting filler matches in it, maybe we would watch the whole thing.

    • Shawn Michaels

      I honestly hope this downfall continues to the extreme, maybe then they will realise their mistake and bring it back to what it used to be – an attitude filled, action packed show with phenomenal stars, edgy exciting storylines and loud packed crowds!

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