RAW Spoilers For Tonight: Full Results From London

– Thanks to Raul for the following WWE RAW Supershow spoilers from today’s tapings in London, England at the O2 Arena. These will air at the normal time tonight on the USA Network.

Dark Match:

* Dean Ambrose beat Alex Riley. Ambrose got the win after pulling his knee pad down and hitting a running knee to Riley’s head.

RAW, Airing Tonight:

* Lilian Garcia opened with God Save the Queen.

* Mark Henry comes out to open the show. The No DQ, No Count Out WWE Title Match with Henry and CM Punk is up first. They have a good solid match and brawl outside the ring a lot. Punk uses a chair and other stuff. Punk ends up getting the win to retain the WWE Title after hitting an elbow drop from the top with a steel chair.

* Chris Jericho promo is up next. Jericho vs. Punk for the WWE Title in a Chicago Street Fight is announced for Extreme Rules. Jericho taunts Punk and shows footage from earlier today of Punk entering a local bar/pub. Jericho wonders if Punk is drunk. Punk tell him to come find out and then says he was having fish and chips with his friends. Jericho says it’s no longer about being the best – it’s about beating Punk’s ass.

* Santino Marella defeated David Otunga to retain the WWE United States Title. Santino wins a quick match with the Cobra.

* Josh Mathews is backstage with Lord Tensai. Tensai talks in Japanese and says something about knowing what to fear and fearing the unknown.

* WWE flashes a graphic touting WrestleMania 28’s 1.3 million pay-per-view buys.

* Brock Lesnar promo on the big screen. Lesnar says he isn’t a WWE Superstar, he’s an ass kicker. Lesnar says he doesn’t care about anyone and isn’t here for a feel good moment. WWE needs someone to legitimize it and he’s the real deal to do it. Lesnar calls John Cena fake and says everyone is tired of his bullshit. They keep bleeping him out. He says Cena is pissing and shitting himself. Lesnar says beating Cena up in the Extreme Rules match at Extreme Rules will make him happy.

* Kane defeated Zack Ryder after KO’ing him with a chokeslam. Kane talked about Randy Orton and what happened on SmackDown with Cowboy Bob Orton. They played Kane’s old Man on Fire music as he left.

* Backstage segment with AJ Lee and Kofi Kingston when Daniel Bryan walks up. Lots of YES chants from the crowd. He’s re-named the LaBell Lock the Yes Lock.

* John Cena comes to the ring. He talks about how WrestleMania 28 could have been the end of his era and about how John Laurinaitis wants to replace him. Cena talks about Lesnar and Extreme Rules. Cena says Lesnar is right – he is afraid but he will still fight. Out comes Laurinaitis. He says it’s the beginning of the People Power Era. Laurinaitis announces an Extreme Rules match for Cena tonight but won’t name the opponent. He also announces a contract singing for next week’s 3 hour RAW with Cena and Lesnar.

* Backstage comedy segment with Hornswoggle and R-Truth, dressed as Sherlock Holmes.

* Kofi Kingston vs. Daniel Bryan is up next. Huge YES chants for Bryan. Bryan wins after a good back and forth match with the Yes Lock, formerly the LaBell Lock. The crowd goes nuts for Bryan. Bryan re-applied the hold after the match until Sheamus came out. Bryan dodged a Brogue Kick and left as the crowd was still chanting.

* Brodus Clay beat Dolph Ziggler by DQ when Jack Swagger interfered. Vickie Guerrero got into it at ringside with one of Clay’s dancers. Clay and his dancers dance in the ring to end it.

* A video for the late Chief Jay Strongbow airs.

* Big Show and The Great Khali vs. Epico and Primo is up next. Abraham Washington watches the match from up on the ramp. Show and Khali get the win after a double choke slam.

* John Cena comes out for his Extreme Rules match against a mystery man. That mystery man is none other than Lord Tensai. Laurinaitis comes out and watches Tensai dominate Cena. Cena finally makes a comeback but Sakamoto attacks him. David Otunga also got involved at one point. Tensai spit the green mist into Cena’s face to get the surprising win and end RAW.