RAW Viewership Down Half A Million From Last Week

Posted by Brad Davis December 4, 2013 13 Comments

Viewership data is in for Monday’s episode of WWE RAW – and it’s bad news all around. RAW’s average audience was 3,541,000 – down almost half a million viewers from the previous week.

By comparison, the NFL’s Monday Night Football game on ESPN between the New Orleans Saints and the Seattle Seahawks did approximately 15.5 million viewers.

For the second consecutive week, RAW lost viewership every hour throughout the show. Here are the hourly numbers:

  • Hour 1: 3,616,000
  • Hour 2: 3,560,000
  • Hour 3: 3,447,000

The most-watched hour of this week’s show had fewer viewers than the least-watched hour of last week. That means RAW has lost viewers during each of the past 6 hours it was on the air. Here’s a chart of the past 2 weeks of RAW hourly viewership:


To find an episode of RAW that did such a low number, you have to go back to Christmas Eve 2012. Excluding holiday editions of RAW, this was the worst viewership since October 1, 2012.

Comment Below and tell us what YOU think is the reason behind this ugly trend.

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    • Troy Bennett

      well lets see wwe doesnt actually listen to the fans they listen to the board and the board listens to there kids. maybe if wwe would put on a wrestling show they might get wrestling fans.

    • Raven

      Newsflash: Nobody cares about Cena nor Orton. Raw is paying the price of removing Punk & Bryan from the main event

      • Guest

        If they were pushing Punk or Bryan ratings and PPV buyrates would still more or less be the same. Let’s not pretend Punk & Bryan bring in much higher revenue than Orton or Cena.

    • Floydgilmour1386

      Overall the storylines have been just crap. They have only two headliners (orton and cena) , and nobody gives a crap about them. They no longer care what the fans think or want. I was at raw on 11/25 on Long Island dressed as hulk hogan along with my friend dressed as macho man. We got more of a pop from the crowd than the in ring talent. And of course the fan friendly wwe has us removed from the building. No longer the same company it was years ago. They got too big for their britches.

      • The Ultimate Whoa Yeah

        “I was at raw on 11/25 on Long Island dressed as hulk hogan along with my friend dressed as macho man.”

        …. gotta have balls to admit that one buddy! Props!

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny says the WWE will twist the ratings completely around. They will lie that the RAW episode of 12/2/13 beat every other Monday night program in the history of TV since the 1950’s. The WWE needs to face the fact that they constantly make the wrong decisions & are pushing the same old wrestlers over & over. The product has gotten worse since HHH & Stephanie took over.

    • Kristi

      It’s a kid show now. What exactly do they expect? I really stopped putting it on after they had the Muppets on there. I couldn’t believe how ridiculous they made it. Might as well put Dora or SpongeBob on there next! And I think their acting skills suck bad. When they are talking on the mic you can tell they’re talking from a script. I know it’s always been acting, but at least back in the day they made it more believable. And realistic. And the matches were WAY better too! Every week they had good matches, that you couldn’t wait to see. Now it just sucks and I’m sad to see how bad it got.

      • Guest

        Yeah because no adult anywhere in the world likes the Muppets or enjoyed that episode of Raw because of the Muppets.

        And no every week back then WWE did not put on good matches Nostalgia whores like yourself forget throughout WWE’s history they had some of the same problems then that they have now i.e. Bad Wrestling, Bad Gimmicks, Bad Promos etc.

    • yoyo

      Fans: Punk! Bryan! Ziggler! RVD! Jericho!
      WWE: The Authority! Cena! Orton! More Authority!


    • JRM2112

      It is the storylines that are killing the shows. The Authority?? Really,it is like the Corporate Ministry re-invented. I actually liked The Shield when they first came on…but the 3 on 1 stuff has just dragged on and on and on. And way too much talk and not enough action. There are plenty of wrestlers so why not add a match or two and cut down on the promos.

    • Bulkster

      The ‘The Authority’ storyline started out with real promise. You had the people’s favorite Daniel Bryan poised to go toe to toe with the evil Authority. So far so good. Then Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton slowly get pushed into the background and Triple H is in the forefront. Not my cup of tea but still not a real faux pas yet.

      Then for some convoluted and yet unexplained reason the WWE title is vacated. Big mistake. Then for some reason that makes no sense storyline wise, Triple H and Steph start pissing on their own handpicked champion? WTF? Then it becomes obvious its really becoming the Triple H show. So Orton eventually gets the title…

      • Bulkster

        And D. Bryan is immediately thrown into a feud with the Wyatts and Orton and Big Slow, oops I mean Big Show kill the Survivor Series. Add to that, Super Cena is back and he’s back with a vengeance. Now out of nowhere with no momentum whatsoever; kicked off with the lamest and anti-climatic staredown in the history of staredowns, they want to unify the world titles. And people could not careless.

        The problem is they are clueless when it comes to booking.

    • John

      That’s because they’ve got all these nobodies out there. Who gives two craps about Sandow or Cody (without Goldust) or any of the divas whatsoever? Ziggler’s a bump machine. Tons of Funk are the WWE’s go-to answer for big guys, the Shield are Roman Reigns and two indy-riffic nobodies. The Wyatts are there. Byan is a comedy guy and Punk was only interesting when he was cutting smark promos (which couldn’t last forever).

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