RAW’s 1000th Episode, WWE Stars At FCW Friday Night

Posted by Brad Davis May 16, 2012 4 Comments

- The WWE website has begun hyping the 1,000th episode of Monday Night RAW – which will take place on July 23rd. Leading up to the milestone show, the WWE website will be looking back at RAW’s most memorable moments and interviewing past and present WWE superstars about the big show.

It’s worth noting that based on WWE promoting August 23rd, 2010 episode of RAW as the 900th episode – the July 23rd show will actually be episode #999, not 1,000. It’s unknown how WWE arrived at July 23rd as the 1,000th episode – but keep in mind, this is the same company that hyped WrestleMania 25 as the “25th Anniversary of WrestleMania” (WrestleMania 25 was actually the 24th anniversary).

– Florida Championship Wrestling sent out a press release day announcing that Christian will be appearing at Friday night’s FCW show from Orlando. Christian, who is currently off WWE television, is being advertised for a “once-in-a-lifetime meet and greet autograph/photo session.”

Recent FCW graduates and SmackDown roster members Antonio Cesaro and Damien Sandow will be in action. For more information, visit FCWWrestling.com.

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    • nut

      Ummmmm no WM 25 would be 25th anniversary just the same as someone being married 25 years makes it thier 25th wedding anniversary. The math doesn’t change just cause it’s its WM not a marriage.

      • Truth be told

        lol you fail at maths+ at common sense

      • Josh

        0 years (WM)
        1 year (WM2)

        24 years = WM25

        You’re right. The math doesn’t change. lrn2math

    • Muzlimboy

      Thats so dumb…they should have just put the 1000th episode celebration on the 1000th episode!!!

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