Ray Reacts to Contract Signing, Final Rating for Thursday’s Impact, Help Zema

Posted by Matt Boone May 19, 2013 11 Comments

- In the video below, Bully Ray reacts to the contract signing with Sting on Thursday’s Impact Wrestling:

– Zema Ion’s girlfriend has launched a fundraiser to help pay for the medical bills he’s facing after the emergency hospital visit earlier this month, and for the surgery he will have to have in the future. He does not have medical insurance so she is asking fans for help. To make a donation, click here.

– The final rating for Thursday’s Impact Wrestling was a 0.84, down 17% from last week. As noted, the show did only 1.05 million viewers, also down 17% from the week before.

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    • hitman75

      So Zema doesn’t make jack squat then in TNA

      • http://www.facebook.com/harrylorenzo.goode Harry Lorenzo Goode

        this is absolute bullshit. how TNA allows shit like this to happen says what kind of company they run there. And it’s not like zema’s some average peon wrestler, he’s excellent in the ring.

        • Not Chris Jericho

          It may be bullshit, but thats just the business. As far as TNA goes, only the top guys have guaranteed pay on their contracts. Guys like Zema get paid per appearence based on his contract. He probably doesnt make enough money to buy his own insurance, which almost ALL wrestlers have to pay for themselves as they are independant contractors and not employees. Every wrestling company, not just TNA, operates that way.

    • jerichooo

      Wow zema has no insurance? How the fuck can TNA not have medical coverage…if it were WWE his bills would of been paid already…now he has to ask fans to help him when hes one of the popular guys over there? Weird. And bullshit.

      • Not Chris Jericho

        thats not true in the least that WWE would pay someone’s medical bills. All the superstars over there have to cover their own expenses, including medical insurance. The only thing WWE ever pays for is rehab and thats the honest to goodness truth.

    • EnvyX

      So Hulk Hogan get’s paid 35 THOUSAND dollars per appearance yet Ion has to have a fundraiser to pay for surgery? Garbage. TNA what a joke you’ve become…

      • Triple DeeZ Nuts

        Lets tell Hulk Hogan to put down half of down payment for zema

    • Kage

      Good to see TNA is doing its usual sterling job in regards to paying talent.
      I mean, you can’t blame them for not paying for Zema’s medical bills. Hogan needs his solid gold toilet.

      • Derp.

        I see what you did there.

    • A real fan

      This is the harsh reality of being a pro wrestler. There are no unions or governing bodies. Just think how many times WWE would be rapped for unfair dismissal if they had a union.

      I do find it shocking that any wrestler (being in the high-risk of an injury) wouldn’t have some insurance or a rainy day fund to fall back on when they inevitably need it.

    • morrisonfanone

      Just goes to show. If you’re not a huge star with TNA, you’re not important to them. It’s such a shame, because he’s really talented.

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