Real Reason Nash Was Pulled From Match, Del Rio Update

Source: The Wrestling Observer

— WWE champion Alberto Del Rio was not at RAW last night due to the fact that he has returned to Mexico to secure a new work visa. The paperwork did not come through, which is why he was not back for RAW last night. Until the paperwork comes through, Del Rio will not be legally allowed to work in the United States. As of this time, the Del Rio vs. Sin Cara match is off of tonight’s Super SmackDown! taping. That could change if he gets cleared between now and then. Del Rio is under the impression it will be sorted out soon, and he isn’t worried.

— Kevin Nash was pulled from his Night of Champions match with CM Punk due to a health issue. While the exact issue has not been revealed, a source says that it’s something that if diagnosed in another era, Nash would have worked the match. Whatever that means is up for interpretation. In this day and age WWE is being very cautious and the call was made to pull Nash from the match, which Nash was not happy about. Sources close to Nash say he’s been trying to act careless and easygoing, but behind closed doors he’s hard on himself and determined to prove himself as a performer.