Reason For CM Punk & Daniel Bryan vs. Wyatt Family, WWE’s Focus On Big Guys

Posted by Matt Boone November 9, 2013 17 Comments

- As previously reported, WWE is currently making an effort to push larger-sized Superstars. The feeling is the company has a lot of average-sized talent and that now is the time to sign more head-turning attractions. WWE is putting heavy emphasis on bigger and stronger Superstars instead of guys like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.

– Speaking of Punk and Bryan, the reason WWE has the two in a program currently with The Wyatt Family is to attempt to elevate Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. As much as WWE believes in the talents of Bray Wyatt, they also want to give a push to Rowan and Harper.


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    • Harms_Way

      So CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, 2 of WWE’s most talented wrestlers are being pushed aside for people like Big Show, Harper & Rowan, and Khali? Sometimes I wonder how WWE manages to keep going after stupid shit like this.

      • D

        Trust in McMahon. He knows what he’s doing.

        • Harms_Way

          Oh yeah, trust in McMahon. The same McMahon who likes having Cena be champion. Notice how CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are pushed aside, but not Cena. Since McMahon is having Orton be WWE Champ, he puts Cena as World Heavyweight Champ over people who deserve it more than he does.

          • D

            The EXACT same McMahon who’s run a successful wrestling empire for 30+ years with the same philosophy he’s using today. Just keep calm and watch RAW.
            Punk had his big run at the top and got into the record books. He got everything he deserves and rightfully so.
            But guys like Bryan and Ziggler, they’re of better use helping to elevate other talents (like the Wyatts) who can use that push to rise up to their level. Not unlike what guys like Mister Perfect and Jake Roberts used to do. Everybody has their place. TRUST IN MCMAHON.

          • Guest

            Cena and Orton are champions because they’re the companies biggest draws and have seniority.

    • Eric

      Cena is the biggest star in WWE no matter how you feel about it it’s the truth. But who is it that has the 2nd and 3rd most signs in the crowd? What are the other 2 people that have the most in shirt sales? It’s CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. If you take the people wearing Cena shirts out of the crowd it would just be a sea of Bryan and Punk t-shirts. How many Big Show shirts do you see in the crowd? The Big Show has been around for 14 years, he has had so many shirts and other products put out that just sit on the shelf? People might buy a Wyatt Family shirt or products, but how many people will buy shirts that are just Rowan or Harper? And who in they’re right mind would ever put on a Khali shirt?

      For the love of god quit acting like low ratings or bad PPV buyrates can be blamed on one person. There are so many other ways of telling whose the popular people are. I honestly get the feeling that if Stone Cold came around today that they would ignore the crowd reaction and would keep Austin on the sidelines and the undercard.

    • charley ramirez

      Give them a push they are good wrestlers.

      • bam

        I like Eric’s sheep mask. It looks so cool

    • rog

      Really don’t understand this fetish Vince/HHH have for bulked up guys! They rather have those type of guys instead of real talented ones. Not only Punk/Bryan are great, fans like them. I’d love to see Punk get his pipebombs back – and AGAIN they’re actually true, Vince loves huge guys – and Bryan looks great right now. Thats how you bury great stars and great ratings!!!

    • Ǎ.Ĵ.

      other words punk and bryan got to be demoted back to fued with midcarders to help them i call bullshit and why have big guys if they can not handle the little guys

    • JMC

      The message that this sends is that if you’re of average or smaller size, it doesn’t matter how good you are, how talented or over with the crowd you are, the big guys will always be pushed ahead of you. I thought that WWE was trying to get away from the entire umbrella of steroids, & the suspicions that come with having larger than life bodies thrust into the spotlight. This is just another reason for me to lose faith in WWE’s product. It’s bad enough that they can’t produce decent or engaging television anymore. Guys like Punk, Bryan, Cesaro, real wrestlers (not “entertainers”), were the only reason I was still watching. WWE has all but lost me as a fan at this point after 40 years….

    • Mac

      Evn though we hear the wyatt family members being pushed, I dnt seem to see big guys like Mason Ryan and Ezekiel Jackson being seen in WWE TV.They even let go Kassius Ohno (He’s 6’4,so definitely makes him kind of a big guy) recently.And i dnt seem to understand why the hell a ‘Monster’ such as KANE being turned to a corporate guy.???? makes no f****g sense..???and yet WWE says they want to push big guys..????so does that mean guys like i mentioned above excluding kane are just useless/underdeveloped talents…????

      • Robert Bibbins

        it is weird they would cut those guys in light of this article. But there is so much bullshit politics in WWE, I’m sure those guys got cut for pissing someone off in some stupid way. Dolph Zigler was supposed to get a big push this year, but he’s jobbing at the moment as punishment for some negative things he said about golden boys Cena and Orton, as well as some non-pg tweets he sent out

    • Robert Bibbins

      by head turning attraction they mean guys who look great…until the bell rings

    • Eric

      Stone Cold Steve Austin, they guy that made them more money, sold more tickets, more ppvs, and more t shirts then anyone else is only 6’2 and weighed like 250. The guys that have made Vince McMahon far more money then Hulk Hogan ever did haven’t been these gigantic guys. The WWE audience has been cheering for Daniel Bryan consistently for almost 2 years. They chant for him during matches he’s not even in. How the hell do you just ignore that?

      • Guest

        Even if what you said about Austin is true which I don’t think it is completely you can’t downplay the relevance or impact of guys like Hogan, Andre, Warrior, Savage and others who without whom would be no WWE and by extension no Austin.

    • Yedho thonuchu

      Punk and Bryan would get more attraction than any big guy there.. For limited wrestling and more talks show, no need of big guys.. If you wanna promote big guys, bring back Attitude era..

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