Reason For WWE Network Announcement: Vince Threatened By UFC?

Apparently Vince McMahon made the decision to announce the new WWE Network early in-part because they were concerned that UFC would announce plans for their own network first. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter claims that Vince didn’t want to be beaten to the punch by UFC in this groundbreaking announcement.

While WWE publicly says UFC isn’t competition, sources say Vince McMahon takes it seriously and feels uneasy about several moves UFC has been making, including their plans to run at 100,000 seat stadium in Brazil next year. Whether Vince feels intimidated or not is up for interpretation. Despite the fact that UFC and WWE are very different animals, Vince’s ego could easily make him believe he’s being beaten at his own game by UFC. Vince is very protective of his empire’s bragging rights over PPV and ticket sales.

Sources say that since UFC signed with FOX, they’ve shifted gears and are no longer interested in doing their own channel.