Reason Ric Flair Was Pulled From SmackDown, Update On His WWE Status

Posted by Matt Boone July 20, 2014 4 Comments

Ric Flair was originally scheduled to be part of this past Tuesday’s edition of WWE SmackDown in North Carolina, however WWE ended up re-writing the show on Tuesday morning and Flair wasn’t brought in.

The original plan for Flair was for him to be used on television on a weekly basis, however that may not be the case anymore. While Flair did sign a new deal and is expected to be a semi-regular presence on television, it appears that WWE’s creative team has yet to find a role for Flair to fulfill.


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    • Guest

      What else is new if WWE didn’t have a policy against blading they’d find something for him to do in a heartbeat.

    • Guest83726469473637595&362

      If they really wanted to save money they should hire Flair and get rid of Lawler and JBL. Doesnt make any sense to pay a potential sexual harrassment suit and a loud mouthed drunk separately when you can just hire Flair and get them both in one wrinkled package.

      • Harry Lorenzo Goode

        Won’t lie didn’t know where you were going with that comment but as i read on it was fucking hilarious and true

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny says Flair couldn’t wake up from his drunken stupor.

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