Reason Why WWE Turned Miz Heel And Then Back To Babyface Revealed

Posted by Matt Boone November 30, 2013 3 Comments

Apparently the WWE creative team completely forgot about the “Christmas Bounty” movie coming out when they made the call to turn The Miz heel on RAW a few weeks ago.

Apparently the reason that they gave Kofi Kingston some heel heat at the Survivor Series Kickoff Show in their followup match, with the idea being “both guys were stressed out” instead of simply one guy turning on the other.


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    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny can’t believe WWE creative would forget about anything, they’re always on the ball.

    • Harry Lorenzo Goode

      Funny they forgot about a movie that they themselves have been plugging for three weeks now. Guess it’s too easy to admit stupidity huh?

      • Guest

        Creative isn’t above forgetting things like how Damien Sandow was going through a jobbing period but was made the 2013 MITB (while still jobbing) and continued to keep jobbing even after winning MITB and ultimately blowing his MITB shot. Or AJ dropping that Pipe Bomb then summarily jobbing to almost everyone in the Divas Division on TV yet still managing to win at the PPV.

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