Recap Of The Rock On Jimmy Fallon, & More

The Rock appeared on The Jimmy Fallon Show on Friday night to promote his new movie Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.

Rock and Fallon briefly talk about how The Rock is a third-generation professional wrestler. Rock talks about how when he was 5 years old he was at Madison Square Garden watching his grandfather wrestle Bruno Sammartino in a cage for the championship.

They say the 3D in The Rock’s new movie is amazing and more advanced than what was in Avatar. Rock says he looks good in 2D but looks amazing in 3D. His time on the show finished off with him and Fallon acting out some fake “outtakes” from the movie which featured Fallon.

Prior to The Jimmy Fallon Show, singer Cee-Lo Green appeared on Jay Leno and name dropped Deep South NWA wrestling and The Road Warriors when asked why he wore spiked shoulder pads when singing.