Recent Photo Of The Undertaker

Posted by Brad Davis February 20, 2014 25 Comments

Check out this recent photo of The Undertaker:


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    • Undertaker316
    • Bulkster

      I could beat that guy at Wrestlemania.

      • Bulkster sucks

        The only time you beat anything is in your room at night!!!

        • BURN


        • Bulkster

          Speaking of which, tell your mom I’m going to be busy for the next few nights, so don’t come over.

          • Bulkster Sucks

            Why does she care what you do by youself in your own bedroom?

            • Bulkster

              One day I’ll explain the birds and the bees to you. Maybe after puberty my son.

            • Bulkster Sucks

              Give it up buddy, you got burned and that’s all there is to it. Don’t worry though, it’s just a game: A game you lost in spite of your best efforts!!!

            • Bulkster

              I never get burned because I always wear a condom. Your dad on the other hand…

            • Bulkster’s Troll

              Notice how few up votes Bulkster has? Notice how many I have? 18 for my comment can’t be wrong.
              Keep dancing for us you silly ass. Show that keyboard who’s boss!!!!

            • JShadz


            • Bulkster’s Troll troll

              Savor it while you can Bulkster’s Troll, those 18 likes on an insignificant wrestling website will be your biggest accomplishment in life. And probably your only accomplishment. Also, the joke’s on you Bulkster Sucks, you were probably only speaking for yourself.

            • Bulkster’s Troll

              Oh no! I’m being lectured by another troll! It’s the equivalent of a fat person calling me fat! Whatever shall I do ?!?!

            • Father

              Alright kids, calm down it’s past all of your bedtimes! Your mother and I have some serious… cuddling to do. :3

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny thinks the Undertaker better buy a few boxes of “Just For Men” before his return appearance.

    • DrunkenPlatypus69

      Undertaker is turning into mordecai!

      • Derp

        I’m probably one of the few that dug the gimmick. The wrestler should’ve just had more practice at you know…wrestling. That gimmick could’ve easily stuck around if WWE gave it a chance.

        • Derp

          Same with Kevin Thorn. It worked in the 90’s for The Brood.

    • JT

      I was thinking that he should retire and he looks like he’s 60 but the fact is he works 3-6 times a year and gets paid big time plus he’s pulling Michelle McCool…… I can’t hate!

    • Ryinshin Engreso

      he’s actually scarier with that white hair.

    • JayRoz1982

      After seeing this, does anyone really think he’s going to wrestle much longer? I mean, judging by this picture I wonder how much he’s shrunk. He doesn’t look to be weighing more than 250 at tops and he’s looking a lot shorter than 6’10″! Poor guy with knee and hip surgeries. I hope he has one last good match at wrestlemania…and if he can’t i hope they give him a creative send off.

      • troll

        I only see 2 or 3 wrestlemanias left including the upcoming one

        • JayRoz1982

          The fan in me hopes so as well.

    • Daquan Bailey

      I wish they would have undertaker come back monday as his American Bad-Ass character. That would be so sick !!

    • Hector Naranjo

      Looking at Undertaker, if going against Sting wont happen this WM you can forget it. Im a big Taker fan i’d say WM31 is his last.

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