Recent Picture Of Vince & Shane McMahon

Posted by Michael Bluth February 16, 2013 8 Comments

Check out this recent picture of Vince McMahon (67) and his son Shane (43):


  • raidmar

    omg it’s funny as hell that Vince looks like the younger of the two

  • bluebook

    WHAT THE HELL, the years have not been kind to Shane. He looks too old to be 43. He looks at least 53.

  • Brendon

    And to think he was called The Boy Wonder, yeah were wondering, WTF happened Shane-O-Mac?

  • Stephen Findall

    Shane has Doc Brown hair ….. and hard nipples apparently

    • you stupid MARKS

      why the fuck are you looking at shane’s nipples,you gay or what

  • Beer Money Jobber

    Can’t Shane afford Just For Men?
    Or does Vince have him on a strict allowance?

  • xzecutioner

    OMG Forget Vince , Shane looks like he can be a member of 4 horsemen with Flair.

  • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino

    why the hell does Vince looks younger than Shane?!
    but then again, Vince goes out on WWE shows so he does need to look his best.

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