Redskin Thinks He Can Take Mark Henry, Steamboat’s Original Opponent, Foley

Posted by Matt Boone June 3, 2012 8 Comments

- Mick Foley wrote the following about being involved with the new WWE ’13 video game:

“Fired up to be part of @WWE 13. I re-create some of my best known moments from the Attitude era. Cool stuff to be part of.”

Foley also revealed the first book signing for his new children’s book with WWE that comes out later this year. Foley will be signing copies of “A Most Miz-erable Christmas” on December 1st in Jefferson, New Hampshire at Santa’s Village.

– We noted before that FCW star Richie Steamboat worked last night’s SmackDown event in Augusta, Georgia, losing to Damien Sandow. Steamboat was originally scheduled to face Drew McIntyre.

– NFL player Adam Carriker, who hosts a wrestling radio show at, was asked if he thinks he could beat WWE Superstar Mark Henry in an arm wrestling contest. Carriker replied:

“Me. I mean, Mark Henry has claimed to be the World’s Strongest Man for like two decades now. Is he really the World’s Strongest Man still or is that just some title he won’t relinquish. At some point I’ve got to think you’re not the World’s Strongest Man anymore. I’ve got to think at some point age has caught up with him. He’s been in the business a while… I’m still a young stud. In all honesty, the man is ridiculously strong. But I think I’ve got the fulcrum points, I’ve got the leverage part. I think I can take him.”

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    • Mark Henry

      You better sit down and shut up Carriker before i break your legs, back, arms and force you to retire from the nfl.

      • Adam Carriker

        You’re old and washed up you fat pig. You finished dead last at the olympics. You’re only the WSM because Vince McMahon promotes you as such. I throw around fat linemen like you all day. At one point you were just May Young’s lover and known as Sexual Chocolate. You’re whatever Vince McMahon wants you to be and at the end of the day I’m the real deal. You’re just and old lady loving, washed up old fool if you think you can take me.

    • mark henry FTW

      mark has this special strength that not many people on this planet can match WITHOUT STEROIDS. I think it would be a good matchup but in the end mark has time on his side as far as being in those situations. it would be a good match up all in all

    • CM Drunk

      damn it miz! I don’t care how much socko he gave you, I told you to stay away from children

      • Chris Jericho

        I am the best in the world at every single thing I do, do understand what I am saying to you?

        • CM Drunk

          My fathers a drunk hit me! Jit me!

      • Chris Jericho

        I am the best in the world at every single thing I do.

    • Matthew Reimbold

      all mark henry would have to do to kick his ass is sit on him.

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