Report: AJ Styles Officially Leaving TNA Wrestling

Posted by Matt Boone December 9, 2013 43 Comments

As noted earlier, AJ Styles is not only accepting independent wrestling bookings in 2014, but is looking for regular bookings in the first quarter of 2014. According to reports, the reason for this is that AJ Styles will be officially parting ways with TNA next week.

The current contract that Styles is under with TNA right now is set to expire on December 16th. As of December 17th, AJ Styles will officially be a free agent.

We will have more details on this story on Monday morning.


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    • Vinster1701

      Bad move TNA. You’ve had the fans chanting AJ, AJ, AJ for weeks now every time Dixie comes out. They really needed to do everything in their power to sign AJ. Sucks for AJ as well, WWE probably not interested… so he’s stuck in the Indies.

      • William Mcilwain

        agree tna going to suck without aj styles smh stupid as hell

        • Secret Rivals

          is it really though, he has been off screen since winning the belt, never was a draw, Aries and Roode should be the focus fcor the main event scene, it sucks he is going (or maybe gong, Dirts seem to write whatever tripe they feel about TNA and in most cases its waffle (sale rumours anyone!)
          i love AJ and im gutted he is going off tv but no wrestler in TNA is bigger than the show itself….ratings although small steadily climb with or without AJ
          He was THE man…then they got Aries so…

          • Chris Fortin

            When you have ratings of under 1 for who knows how long, how long do you go before the blame of a champion’s lack of drawing is the real factor instead of creative team not putting up a good product? WWE is going through the nose-dive ratings also because the creative team is making the product boring and dull.

            • Secret Rivals

              Yea i agree no one has drawn for TNA..thats why imn saying its not a big deal if he goes, im a fan but even i can see its not hard to find a hih flying guy with no mic skills (he is amazing in the ring but others are also and have better mic skills)
              I really dont care about ratings or popularity (if i judged how good things on that id HAVE to swap all my indie cd’s for One Direction ones!) just saying its not a bid deal if it turns out not to be a work.
              Anyone else thinking its odd WWE and TNA are unifying titles, AJ dropping the belt on the same day this news broke? AJ hinting a NJPW/WWE/ROH switch a week prior to his pipebomb….Dixie may have pulled off the best media work in recnet years with this…or he may have gone..who knows i dont think it matters, AJ wasnt around for a year and the 1mil U.S audience still tuned in (and however many people watch it in Germany, UK ect were they are the most watched wrestling promotion)
              whos the internet talking about AJ or Randy Orton (all im saying with this before i get attacked by wwe apologists and kids is it could be a work to take the shine off WWE’s unification and if it is its kinda working)
              AJ signed a 5 year deal in 2009 (do the maths)

            • Chris Fortin

              Personally WWE unifying the titles would have been worth watching if it was anyone else except Randy Orton and John Cena. Personally I would have loved to see Punk vs Bryan to unify. That would have been epic. It is what it is and looking at that card, it’s insanely sad the only match on this card that would be anything near interesting is AJ vs Natalya, and thats pathetic. This PPV is going to be gut-wrenchingly horrible.

              As far as AJ goes, I saw him cut promos in 2005 as X-Division champion and he was awesome on the mic. Problem is he has to go with the script. In 2005, you can see AJ didn’t and his mic skills were apples and oranges to now. He looked so natural out there back then. If AJ has some play with the script to make it more natural, he can cut very good promos. What separates AJ from the pack I find is his in-ring abilities. Compared to the rest of the roster, it is second to none. Only wrestler in TNA that is sort of active that is close to AJ for ring abilities is Sabin. If he stayed in the X-Division, you would see as many botches, except for matches with Joe, Daniels and Kazarian. Even AJ’s match with Mesias in Mexico was a pretty good match. Point I’m trying to make out of all this is even if he isn’t a big draw, he is a decent draw for the ratings that have right now. To me, only one other can beat that is Roode, especially since now he is with Daniels and Kaz. Anyone else gets the title, and the champ will not draw much. One wrestler I would love to see back is Jarrett. He was excellent at cutting promos and very unpredictable in the ring

            • Emeka Ilukwe

              I think it should be a fatal-4-way at WrestleMania for the unification Punk/Danielson/Cena/Orton and the Undertaker vs Chris Jericho.

            • Chris Fortin

              Too bad we will never see Brock vs Taker at WM in a hell in a cell match. That match was epic and it’s been a long enough gap in time that they could have had a rematch and it would draw WM. Im not a fan of fatal 4-ways myself. Could work, but I would have preferred seeing Punk and Daniels for the title. I don’t care who wins it before then, but those 2 matches on its own would be enough to sell WM to almost record breaking numbers, as long as they are clean finishes.

            • Emeka Ilukwe

              As far as AJ goes I want him back but I don’t want him as champion because that would be too obvious, there are other ways to put him into feuds that fit his character than having him feud against Dixie’s paper champion which would draw.

            • Chris Fortin

              If Aj went back to TNA, I would love to see Ziggler, Sandow, and Christian also back in TNA. I loved seeing Christian Cage in TNA.

      • twet

        i guess aj’s a guy that would enjoy wrestling around the world (njpw,roh,aaa,etc) and although i don’t see it happening could bring something to the table for wwe as well.

        about him not signing the contract: as far as i know the “old” tna contracts pay them a sh!tload of money f e i read angle makes the same or even more than in the e, so why would he take a paycut, let alone a huge paycut, especially when he is the hottest thing going right now…

      • Chris Fortin

        I dunno. the WWE could have some interest in AJ Styles mainly because most of the future stars WWE is trying to push are not super huge mammoths and could probably work well with AJ Styles. Even if he is paired with the not-so agile guys, he is very good at high flying and his vintage moves, he doesn’t need to lift anyone. If WWE gets AJ Styles, how many TNA fans would actually watch WWE for at least a few weeks to see AJ? He can work with just about anyone on the mid-card. If done right, he could be the next Edge of the WWE.

        • Emeka Ilukwe

          Triple h said he has no interest in styles and wants to push new talent from their development if aj is leaving he’s going Japan Mexico or indies possibly ROH maybe I don’t know.

          • Chris Fortin

            Well that’s HHH for you. All morale and no brains for the business. If you have a chance to snag the franchise wrestler of TNA for the longest time, they should at least talk about a short term contract and see how he pans out. IF HHH didn’t have just the shield, Orton and Cena as his lackies for the main event push, he would see the potential of how many wrestlers WWE has that could have great feuds with AJ. He would be as much over as Daniels is. But thats WWE’s loss. Also HHH pushing new talent, by the time that talent goes over, no one will care about the WWE.

          • Adam

            styles will be more talented than HHH will ever be

      • Andrew Flick

        its all a work. he isnt leaving tna. this is exactly how wwe shouldve done it btw

    • Kris Godwin

      Hmmmm…I’m not so sure about this.

      I think this is still all part of the angle, TBH.

    • hmw

      good. RIP TNA

    • TheMachineX2

      Good,… its time for new faces and opportunities for other guys. I see this as a potentially good move maybe TNA can elevate their wrestling company by giving other guys chances.

      • Chris Fortin

        People have had opportunities, and went horrible. Only guy now who can draw right now is Roode, and even at that, with AJ gone, what match can you give Roode that would actually draw now?

        • Al Oli

          Uh Aires can draw.

          • Chris Fortin

            If he can draw, he would have been the best guy minus Roode for the title, so why was he eliminated in the first round of the tournament? They would have let Aries and Roode or Magnus for the title. At least it would keep the tournament more interesting. Trust me, i would love to see Aries have the title, but either TNA doesn’t want him to hold the title, or Aries doesn’t want to.

            • Emeka Ilukwe

              as much as i like aj and want to see him back he isn’t the only one who can draw any good wrestler with potential main event in them can draw its all about what creative do with them and I could careless about ratings because them don’t always do the product justice aries vs rood world title feud was good regardless of what the draw was like, storm vs roode was good as well. Anderson, Joe or Magnus with some work. Aries was eliminated in the 1st round so he and Sabin could feud and roode could screw angle over further into the tournament to get heat that doesn’t mean he can’t work as champ and if not aries there are other guys.

            • Chris Fortin

              I completely agree. All depends on how things get booked and how the 2 wrestlers are in sync with each other for people to believe that it will be a great match and actually draw. That is what is good with TNA is that everyone minus Joe, Abyss and Bully Ray are all around the same as far as body mass and weight, so we can see Roode hitting power moves with such good flow. The thing is ,unlike the WWE where they are dropping the ball in such a huge way, they have to push multiple people with the talent to main event status, and let some new blood run with the title. I personally would love to see a heel James Storm run with the title for a few months. He isn’t the best performer, but he cuts very good promos to draw the people into buying the PPV. Aries, Roode and Storm can definitely draw, but AJ was a sure bet to draw for the title. Only reason I say this is because you could have paired him with just about anyone, and it could draw, and to that note, is why I said the only other wrestlers to do that was Jarrett and Roode.

      • Emeka Ilukwe

        So for other guys to get pushed AJ needs to be out of the company? Like we haven’t seen other guys get chances while he was there. Wasn’t he around when Aries vs. Roode was happening?

        • Chris Fortin

          Not at all. This is where TNA is dropping the ball. If they wanted to push other talent, they could have used AJ as that push and got some new feuds going on with AJ. TNA should have paid AJ what he wanted and used him to push other talent. Even if AJ wins and loses, it pushes the talent. Problem is for the last year and half, the focus has been solely on people who didn’t need to be pushed. Aces and Eights, AJ Styles, Anderson, Bad Influence and a slight stint with MEM. Thats all., and even that angle was pure garbage. Minus Devon (story angle) was forced out of TNA by MEM, thats all that was done and Aces and Eights angle was getting so dry that Anderson forced the disband of the Aces and Eights. The angle helped no one as far as putting new guys over. They still needed AJ to help push new talent, since they are trying to re-rush Roode and now push Magnus into the title picture, all they have left that anyone would care about for a push is Joe and Sting.

    • FightFan

      This is a work.

    • Nicholas Williams

      This is really going to be a set back for TNA.

      • Chris Fortin

        I don’t think it will. Lately I see AJ as the John Cena of TNA, except AJ is a much better performer in the ring. Once TNA builds up more talent and pushes them to go over, we won’t miss AJ all that much.

        • Nicholas Williams

          Nah.. AJ Styles is TNA. They need him more then he needs them.

          • Chris Fortin

            I don’t think they really NEED AJ Styles. It will hurt TNA, but if TNA keeps coming up with really good storylines (AKA Roode vs Angle), I do think AJ could be a thing of the past. Time will tell but for now, AJ Styles is still too fresh in the TNA membrane. Don’t forget TNA also likes to throw curve-balls to the media about certain wrestlers. This could be one of those to keep AJ fresh while they negotiate a new contract behind closed doors. If TNA is throwing a curve and lets say AJ is secretly signed up with TNA so the attention is on the tournament, could they rip another WWE moment and make the winner (which will be Magnus) instead of winning the interim TNA world title, just make him the #1 contender to AJ Styles. The match would be kind of interesting, and AJ could certainly sell Magnus and put him on the main event scene if Magnus doesn’t mess it up.

    • Timothy Moore

      This is defiantly a work

    • Andrew Flick

      its a work

    • Vincent IsValentine
    • Pfc Mark Kevin Apalisok


    • debra

      its just a storyline.

    • debra

      they must be doing good if everyone thinks he is leaving.

    • 30manContraCode

      I think Styles CAN make it in wwe. Why? Because guys, like R-Truth and Lance Hoytte (who were just mid-carders ) got accepted and put on wwe’s main roster.

      And R-Truth is still on board because he knows how to work with the competition. And AJ Styles could start out doing things “Evan Bourne-like” before moving on to more interesting feuds with Punk, Brian and especially Cena. Never say never, folks!

    • John Curiel

      AJ Styles has always been the face of TNA Wrestling, I wobder what TNA is gonna do without him now!

    • Chris Palmer

      he is a total bore.

    • Hunley

      In my opinion aj styles is the hottest wrestler in both TNA and WWE along with sting, john cena, Randy Orton, cm punk, Jeff hardy, Daniel Bryan, Kurt Angle, I would even put BIG E Langston and Batista in there and maybe the shield

    • Kinneynine

      Pair him with Paul heyman.

    • Adam

      WWE hasn’t been the same since the attitude era the current roster cannot match the likes of Stone Cold,Shamrock,Undertaker.Sycho Sid and DX

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