Report: Bully Ray Done With TNA Wrestling?

Posted by Matt Boone August 18, 2014 5 Comments

Bully Ray reportedly held a meeting with wrestlers at the TNA live event in Hagerstown, Maryland earlier today, thanking them and saying goodbye to them, noting that he doesn’t expect to re-sign with the company.

Ray’s TNA contract is expiring in the near future. In fact, it is believed that his deal with TNA expired after tonight’s live event.

Bully Ray is scheduled to be inducted into the TNA Hall Of Fame in October during Bound For Glory week in Tokyo, Japan. As noted previously, TNA hasn’t talked a lot about Bound For Glory in recent weeks and there’s been no real promotion for the show in Japan, where the pay-per-view is scheduled to take place.

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    • Jeremy

      I was done with Ray when the Aces and eights went to crap. Ray putting Dixie through a table didnt really do anything for me. The heel boss or owner being put through a table angle has been done too many times already. Hopefully this will give a younger talent the opportunity to advamce and get that spot. TNA should be promoting the shit out of that PPV. Whoever is in charge of promotion needs a swift kick to the ass to get on it. Too many incompetent morons behind the scenes that need to be replaced. If TNA goes down then it will be done by Dixie and her idiotic decisions and not the wrestlers.

      • Guest

        How do you promote the shit out of something when you have perpetual money troubles?

        • Spencer Elliott

          Social media

    • OldSchoolFan

      So hang on, Stings gone, HH gone, Angle gone, Aries gone, Bully gone, Styles gone, Kazarian gone..Ok Dixie let’s have a Tna Heavyweight Champ match between Robbie E and Gene Snitsky..WTF are you thinking Milfy Carter!

      • Nero :3

        If this is true then TNA would end up like the small wrestling company in South Philly….that revolutionize the wrestling industry and went out in a blaze of glory, TNA would try to do that but won’t succeed.

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