Report: CM Punk “Expected” At Monday’s WWE RAW In Chicago

Posted by Matt Boone March 2, 2014 45 Comments

According to one source, CM Punk is “expected” to return at Monday’s WWE RAW show in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois. According to Dave Meltzer on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, who claims a “top WWE star” told him that Punk returning on Monday is “100 percent certain.”

While the news can’t be confirmed at this point, the reported plans for Punk if he were to return at RAW on Monday would see him back in his rumored role against Triple H leading into WrestleMania XXX, or possibly being added to the Randy Orton and Batista match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.


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    • Undertaker316

      we will just have to wait and see

    • JMC

      Adding Punk to the Batista-Orton match would be the ultimate “eff you” to Daniel Bryan, who more than any other WWE star (including Punk, & certainly Dave ” I dress like a club douche” Batista) has earned a main event spot at Mania. It shouldn’t even be a triple threat. It should have been Orton Bryan from the word “go”. Keep Punk in against HHH if he actually does return…..

      • Theodore Krhtikos

        No.Not at all.Just imagine if that happens a great feud between Punk and bryan.Besides,punk has been busting his ass in wwe 3 times more than Dbry has.He deserves it.

        • Vespio

          C.M. Punk, John Cena, Batista, Daniel Bryan, etc….. get things they want handed to them in WWE.

          • Theodore Krhtikos

            you really are stupid,dude…

      • Eugene Debs

        We’ve seen Orton/Bryan a million times in the past year.

      • Buzz Nezek

        Adding C.M. Punk to the match btwn. Orton vs. Batista is stupid and pathetic crap.
        So is allowing Daniel Bryan to be in the match.
        Should only be between Batista and Orton.

    • JMC

      Adding Punk to the Orton-Batista match would be the ultimate “eff you” to Daniel Bryan, who more than anyone (including Punk & Dave “I dress like a club douche” Batista) has earned a spot in the main event at Mania. If Punk actually does return, keep him against HHH. Punk accepting a spot in the main event would contradict much of what he railed against when his sabbatical began & would make him look like a hypocrite….

      • Michael Taylor

        So being gone 4 weeks is the same as being gone for 4 years? So Triple H didn’t deserve his push after his first quad tear? Punk wrestled through so many injuries during his year long title reign its nuts. Hell, Punk even has been taking blood tests for months now to see whats wrong with him and no results yet. I agree with guys being gone for years (Rock, Batista, New Age Outlaws) not deserving titles.

    • Ry5060


    • George Flegel

      The realized how much any Orton vs Batista main event at WM was gonna suck so they worked out their differences with Punk?

      • RKO Viper Strike

        You’re lying.
        WWE knows that the main event of Randy Orton vs. Batista is going to work and be an exciting, terrrific match. Adding other guys that people don’t want to see be in the match is destroying the match and doesn’t allow anyone to enjoy it. That’s completely wrong and despicable!

        • dannighteowl

          just like having 2 jacked up boring robots wrestling

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny says surprise, surprise, surprise, who didn’t know it was a work?

      • Will $teel

        i remember commenting specifically on 1 of ur posts sayin it was a work n u n every1 else doubted it. dont act like u knew the whole time cuz u were def doubtin it.

        • Save_Us.Y2K

          Looks like someone wants a cookie!!!! Seriously you can stop posting how you were right and every single person in the world was wrong. 1. it’s obnoxious and 2. your typing drives me crazy. You’re not a 12 year old girl, stop spelling like one.

          Also, they never stopped selling his stuff thus he never quit. He got pissed and left one day (like so many IWC people say they’re going to), I’m sure Vince gave him a few things he wanted (don’t be surprised if he’s but in the title match, which is why they lined up HHH vs Bryan) because Vince couldn’t afford to not have him there right now. He makes them a ton of money, Vince likes money, Punk gets his way.

          • Will $teel

            lol typical cryass complain bout a post that doesnt involve him, yet has 2 had his worthless 2 cents. I can type however da fuck I want n sorry that u out of touch wit our generation this is how erry1 types/texts get over it. lol u so mad

            • Save_Us.Y2K

              I didn’t think it was an “out of touch” thing I thought it was an intelligence thing. My bad. Oh i’m sorry I’ll put it in a way you can relate to…OMG!!! dat uzing wordz 2 mak curect sentenzes iz fukn dum!
              That better bro? I’m glad you can find time to take breaks from all your Belieber chat rooms to post on this site every 5 minutes, but I think it might be a good idea to get back in those GED classes. I know I know, finding a job and getting out of your parents house seems a bit over whelming but you can’t troll the internet and spout off 4 year old catch phrases for ever. “U so mad”? Dude, not even alittle. Kids like you don’t phase me or anyone else around here. But please please please come back with a I’m a big tough guy on the interweb response, we all can’t wait for what stupid smiley face you end it with (since thats what your generation is all about) I’m better on ;P

            • Will $teel

              well then…thats funny seems like by ur response ur very mad lol if i type 2 save time i must b uneducated? R u really that judgmental? U got issues bruh. Actually Im a business major at SVSU dumbass. I have 2 type/write correct all da time so y do comment boards have 2 b da same way? they dont. get over it. n 4 da record I hate justin beiber ya fool. Im a RAP fan, u kno ur old ass prolly doesnt even kno da difference between Rap n Pop (thats what beiber is). Its ironic sayin imma end wit a smiley face then u ended it wit a wink tongue out face. I only use that when im tryin 2 get some pwussay from a broad. u weird bruh. str8 suspect.

    • Not Chris Jericho

      Why not make the title match a fatal 4 way elimination match with an Authority figure in every corner. Punk vs. Bryan. Vs. Orton. Vs. Batista. Honestly, its the only way to make it work AND have the fans happy.

      • George Flegel

        Fatal four way elimination would be great, just like HHH-Rock-Mankind-Big Show at WM 2000. I just want to see Orton drop the belt to Bryan or Punk.

        • Will $teel

          naw thats too predictable. the fatal 4 way is a perfect idea. WWE needs to shock the world and have orton RETAIN. now that would b epic. Fans would go nuts with how mad they are and in return keep watching the product until they see 1 of their “heros” win

      • chelsea61

        NO!!!! The idea of making the WWE WHC match at WM30 a fatal 4 way triple threat is not only dumb but totally suckworthy. It isn’t making fans happy it’s making people unhappy and they’re wanting to fucking stop the match from happening the way smarks want it to but wWE is all about kissing IWC smarks asses these days.
        *eyeroll* Not again!
        the wwe having the whc title match be a fatal four way elimination match with an authority figure in every corner sucks tremendously hatefully hideously disasterously disappointing and discouraging. it doesn’t work, it makes fans unhappy and is destroying the WWE even worse and moreso!

    • StingWCW

      Punk cried like a baby so he will be in the main event and of course will go brawling back to Vince Tom night!

    • Bulkster

      If Punk does come back, maybe he can referee the NXT match they are contemplating having at Wrestlemania.

    • Will $teel

      been sayin this da entire time. told yall it was work. now u all look foolish. u did exactly what wwe wanted while thinkin u were “rebelling”

    • IWC =/= true wrestling fans

      whether punk returns or not, the IWC won’t stop complaining. SMFH.

      • The idiot above me

        Whether the IWC complains or not, the guy above me won’t stop complaining about their complaining. SMFH.

    • Derp

      You know it’s a big deal when MSNews publishes a story on it on their front page. Hey WWE, maybe not fuck up again with some jacked up roid freak no talent jackass.

      • Ste

        WWE already has John Cena for that role.

        • dannighteowl

          Whether you like Cena or not when it comes to having someone be a spokesman for the WWE do you think they want the tattooed Punk , no they want the guy that has made WKM hundreds of millions of dollars over the years and isn`t covered in tattoo’s .

    • Dave

      HHH not like cm punk and yes Daniel bran

    • Viscagra

      It would be genius to recycle the ‘pipe bomb’ punk of 2011 and have his wrestlemania buildup storyline consist of shoots about the mistreatment of stars such as Dolph Ziggler! and the absent Daniel Bryan championship reign. But I think I’m getting a little over my head here as WWE has writers with heads up their asses and him returning is still not confirmed

    • Broskii

      i am a huge punk fan, but if he is added to the main event at wmxxx, the public perception is gonna be that he “bitched” his way into it!!!! which i know isnt exactly true

      • Broskii

        they should do a storyline where punk comes back and forms a faction with all of the under appreciated, under used talent in the wwe and go right after the authority and their “old timers”. think of punk making a group (which is all the rage in wwe today ie the wyatts, sheild, 3mb) with daniel bryan and dolph ziggler!!! they can make shirts and everything lol punk can work the mic, db can work the crowd and dolph can work the ring

    • Daquan

      They beed

      • Daquan

        I meant to say that I really hope he does return. And maybe it will turrn into a Fatal 4-way elimination match with bryan and punk as the final two.

    • CM Jones

      I sure hope that motton chopped C M Punk shows up for work soon.
      I also hope that mean old Kane finds his mask. His deformed face is too ugly since Undertaker burned him up.
      Finally I hope to see the New Age Outlaws on the WrestleMania card.

    • johnny smithy

      losers wrestling is fake.

      • Will $teel

        no shit. ur the loser u came on a WRESTLING site 2 point out the obvious. u must have no life

    • Will $teel

      Yep ill b the first to admit, I was COMPLETELY wrong haha

      • Bulkster

        LOL I was looking for you too. Way to man up though.

    • authoritysucks

      I swear I seen him ((Punk I mean)in the crowd in the front row right behind Orton during the last match. With that grey swetshirt & a black ballcap on. I think I saw his neck tatoo at a point.

    • Really Punk?

      I’m so tired of Dave Meltzer. His sources can be consistent mostly, but he is just a glorified hype man. He is fed info and adds spice to pure steak. He has gone from a wrestling beat/dirt sheet writer to a blogger that just reports the news

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny seen Punk last night a few hours before the show at the 7-Eleven on West Higgins. He was buying a Sunny D & a couple of energy bars.

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