Report: CM Punk, WWE Officials Have “Heated Exchange” Backstage At RAW

Posted by Matt Boone January 29, 2014 12 Comments

ESPN Cleveland reporter Casey Kulas reported today that he heard from sources backstage at Monday’s WWE RAW show in Cleveland, Ohio that there was a heated argument backstage between WWE executives and CM Punk. Kulas wrote:

“My info on CM Punk: I do know from sources that at #Raw in CLE there was heated exchange backstage between Punk & staff. Topic – concussion.”

“Punk was heard arguing with staff saying “I passed all your damn concussion test” and “I’m not going out and telling fans that BS””

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    • troll

      punk is a big cry baby
      always complaining if he doesn’t get to do it his way

      • John Frankart

        Yea cuz heaven forbid He does not want to go out on National tv and in front of 17K people and give them a Bullshit story.

      • Chris_Is_Awesome

        yeah, he should be happy getting waisted in favor of less talented people (cena, batista) ;)

    • A-Dubs

      Sounds like Punk would not ride the Ziggler train to Jobsville..

    • Killer-Benoit

      CN Pukk is horrible wrestler.

      • Icon

        You’re grammar spelling is horrible. Learn to spell first before saying someone or something else is “horrible.”

        • Guest567765444466


          • Icon

            I look like a fool now trying to clown on someone else’s grammar while making a simple grammar mistake of my own.
            In the famous words of a yellow overweight bald guy who looks like Mr. Sparkle “DOH!”

    • SilverAtlanta

      WWE seems a bit lost at the moment, maybe Big Daddy Vince needs to step in, not so sure HHH and Stephanie know what the hell they are doing, Better yet, scrap the whole thing and bring back the territories!

    • Jason Todd

      Punk leaving leaves opportunity for the new stars to shine. The shield, Wyatt family, and the upcoming nxt talent could be pushed sooner to create the stars wwe needs. Major Oppertunity for wwe to push new talent into major storylines.

      • yragcom1

        New stars to shine? Like Ryback? Like Bryan? Like Cesaro? Like Fandango? Like Sin Cara? All new stars that had major pop, all stars downgraded to second tier status by bad angles and poor handling. WWE is lost, and just flailing. There is NO WAY that Raw should be as bad and as boring as it is,

    • http://www.disqus/ ob4

      CM Punk is right

      because he work his ass of every day and when the partime wrestlers comes
      they wanna take the sportlite

      that ain’t fair

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