Report: Hulk Hogan, WWE Reach “Verbal Agreement”

Posted by Matt Boone November 3, 2013 26 Comments

According to a recent report by The Examiner, WWE Hall Of Famer Hulk Hogan and WWE have come to a “verbal agreement” that would see Hogan return to the company in 2014.

The following is an excerpt from the article:

“WWE Examiner learned exclusively on Thursday from a trusted WWE source that Hulk Hogan is officially back with World Wrestling Entertainment.

Although Hogan has reportedly refused to sign a typical “legends contract,” there is said to be a verbal agreement in place between Hogan and WWE that will result in Hogan returning to WWE programming possibly early in the new year.

There is even talk of Hogan returning as a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble.

“We knew this would happen at some point,” the source tells Examiner. “It’s my understanding that there isn’t a contract in place, but there’s a verbal agreement that will move forward. It’s just a good fit for everybody involved, especially with the milestone WrestleMania 30 coming up. Hogan needed to finish up his stuff with TNA and just come home.”

Check out the complete article online at

NOTE: It’s worth pointing out that we have been unable to confirm the above report as of right now. We should have an extensive update on this story on Monday morning, so until then, take the above information as strictly rumor.

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    • Hollywood HOgan

      I am more than a legends contract, brother! Rumble entrant and a match against Cena at Wrestlemania! What’cha gonna do TNA?!

      • Plissken

        Rumble winner, no ?

        • Dirty Joe

          he said entrant bro not winner. he will probablly face cena but not for the title. daniel bryan vs cm punk for the title man.

      • Ivan Buchler

        Royal Rumble scene: Real Americans (Swagger/Cesaro) standing in the ring alone. “Real American” music hits, here comes Hogan. Crowd goes NUTS!! Hulk comes in, and throws Swagger and Cesaro out. Crowd goes CRAZY!! What do you think?

    • ???

      why is it when ever someone is in another company and then they are in a wwe game they come back i mean look at brock and now hogan

      • anonymous

        brock would have never came back if he didnt have diverticulitis that made him retire from ufc

      • Guest

        Um Brock had left the UFC long before him & WWE let Yuke’s add him to WWE13’s roster. Hogan on the otherhand is a special case.

    • Darrell West

      The Rock vs Hulk Hogan II at WrestleMania

      • Bulkster

        Only if Rock does what’s good for business and lays down for the man who paved the way for him.

    • Bulkster

      Oh I hope this is true, WWE is the house Hogan built and it where he belongs! Hulkamania needs to run wild one more time!!!

    • Derp

      Don’t care whatsoever.

    • joker77

      Hogan Vs Lenser

    • Troy Bennett

      lmao hogan cant even run the ropes much less do a rumble if u look at any one of his videos he walks to the ropes

      • Spencer Elliott

        Yeah, how the hell would he go over the top rope?

        I know he’s had recent surgery, and people close to him have been saying he has a few matches left in him, but I saw the match he had in TNA a year or so ago where he was in a tag team with Flair in the ring. It was horrible to watch.
        Fuck, it was horrible to watch when he face Shawn Michael at Summer Slam.
        I just don’t see how he could go over the top rope in any kind of believable way.
        The alternative is that he wouldn’t go over the top rope, but then you’ve got to put him in a one v one match up fo rthe strap! Fuck that!

        • Hollywood HOgan

          I’m not going over the ropes. I’m going to win the rumble, brother!

    • Someone not Special

      I think they should do Hogan vs Warrior

    • Kage

      Hogan vs. Cena for the World Title at WM30. Icon vs. Icon. Have it be Hogan’s retirement match.

      • Hollywood Hogan

        Ill lose and retire… For one week BROTHA!

        • Spencer Elliott

          He was offered retirment, but turned it down Brotha!

    • Derp

      I can’t believe people are actually rallying behind this. This man is old and decrepit, he will break his back bouncing off the ropes. Why would anyone want to see this clown in another match?

      • Josh

        I think most of this support is sarcasm.
        Hogan needs to stay away.

    • Plissken

      Hogan vs the Emperor HHH to save the WWE

    • Christie Danysh

      What would Hogan’s role going to be he can’t not be wrestling anymore.I would love to see him be the gm of raw or smackdown.

    • Scott Mcfarland

      I don’t think anyone really believes he is going to be a regular wrestler. He is going to be a personality…..a mouth piece…..i see him taking over the role flair was going to have. He might be a agent who appears on screen.

    • WWE Creative Team

      You fans will love this match, Vince says you have to or your not true WWE fans
      Hulk Hogan vs Back Surgery WMXXX

    • hoganscoming

      Theres no doubt at SOME POINT HH will be walking down that ramp (he might have to ride in scooter from the local grocery store, but he’ll be coming down that ramp) there is way too much internet chatter and speculation for him to NOT be coming back at some point. I thin its awesome, just to hear his music, to see him coming down the ramp, to walk in that ring and do his thing. Nothing better. I mean he (in my opinion) put WWE over farther than over can be in the 80’s, taking it mainstream, I think if you asked 1 million people to name you “one wrestler” 995,000 would say Hulk Hogan. that’s how big he is. so, get ready, its not IF, its WHEN. he will come in and fill the shoes of duties like mick, or HBK, or Hitman hart, have done. just matter of which Hulk will it be? most likely orange and red boa hogan. I prefer a more modern blue hogan, but thats tna blue, so maybe old school NWO hogan?? stay tunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnned my pretties……………….

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