Report: Ken Anderson & Mickie James Officially Done With TNA

Posted by Matt Boone September 24, 2013 16 Comments

Many have been questioning whether or not Mickie James and Ken Anderson will be remaining with TNA Impact Wrestling, now that their contracts with the company have expired.

TNA has pulled both the Mickie James and Ken Anderson profiles from their official website, and according to one source, both talents are now gone from the company.

We should have more on this story later tonight, or early Tuesday morning.


  • Harry Lorenzo Goode

    Well boy’s and girls we can go get the fat lady, she ain’t singing but she warming up to though

  • Marshall Mathers

    can they just sell already wtf are they waiting for?

    • weedthepeople

      Who is going to buy tna?

      • BRUSHNER


  • Ecco

    With these, TNA has released 20 talent so far. That leaves only 5 knockouts plus Christy who announces. RIP Knockout division, it’s sad to see you go.

  • weedthepeople

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • JT

    I will not miss Anderson but Mickie James was a big loss….. and she was so fine!

  • TheMachineX2

    Hogan is next.

    • wrestlebrat

      We can only hope! He should have been first, then maybe they could have afforded the talent.

  • Real Kurt Angle

    What’s sad is that, to Walmart WWE fans, Hogan will always be immortal and do no wrong. They won’t even think about how he drove TNA out of business. Oh, it’s true!

  • Nicholas Williams

    Mickie James was one of the best in the knockouts division. and Anderson was good talent to have. With all this cutting going around its only a matter of time before they let hogan go… fingers crossed.

  • SouthSide

    I can sense Vince McMahon coming in and buying the company just to be able to fire Eric Bischoff & Jeff Jarrett on national tv

  • TheRealish

    Lmao tna only has like 45 people on the roster and out of that 45 people I think 37 of them wrestle and I’m sure they are still getting rid of more. Tna why can’t you just die.

  • TheRealish

    Nxt roster is bigger than tna roster lol.

  • anthony j

    I wouldn’t mind if Ken Anderson went back to the WWE and do a whole revenge storyline with Randy Orton since he got him fired in 2009.

  • ;0

    Jeff Jarrett should just hand over tna to Vince…. Tna is going bankrupt sooner or later. Blame Hogan

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