Report: Major Changes To Sting vs. Hogan Match

Posted by Brad Davis September 20, 2011 Comments are off

Rumors are swirling within TNA about the company changing plans for vs. Hogan at Bound For Glory this year. The rumor is that the two will no longer be in a one-on-one match, and that it will likely be made into a triple threat or tag team match. There’s no word on who TNA would be considering adding to the match, should they change it. The match between the two old rivals has been teased for well over a year now.

The decision to add another wrestler (or two) in to the match could come after the poor reviews that Sting vs. Flair on Impact received. TNA likely doesn’t want to risk putting a dud of a match on their biggest pay-per-view of the year, and adding someone else to the match could help take the all work load off the aging Sting and Hogan.

Promotional graphics for the Sting vs. Hogan 1-on-1 match were removed from TNA’s website over the weekend.

From this point on, TNA apparently will be pushing Kurt Angle vs. Robert Roode as the biggest match at Bound For Glory. This pleases many within TNA who think Roode has been ready for the main event for a while.

takes place in Philadelphia, PA on October 16th at the Liacouras Center. We’ll have tons of backstage news before an after the event, and full detailed results on the night of the 16th here on

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