Report on Alex Shelley’s Negotiations and Possible Future with WWE

Posted by Matt Boone June 3, 2012 7 Comments

- out of Mexico reports that Alex Shelley was never actually contacted directly by WWE officials. A friend of Shelley’s who currently wrestles for WWE was the one who let Shelley know that WWE was interested in bringing him in.

Shelley reportedly wants to take a few weeks off to relax and then officially begin negotiating with WWE. SuperLucha’s source reports that Shelley is concerned about being sent to Florida Championship Wrestling and wants to go straight to WWE’s main roster.

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    • WWE

      He thinks he’s a star but he’s nowhere near a star. WWE fans probably won’t have a clue who he is, so FCW will most likely be his next destination so they can make him better and improve his mic work before they ever let him in front of a WWE crowd.

      • #HEEL

        Alex Shelley will no doubt have to go down to FCW first, but if u saw any of his indy work u would know he doesnt need much help in the wrestling and mic department.

        • GhostDistortion

          Agreed, Shelly is a phenomenal wrestler. He’ll only go to FCW because it’s standard protocol. If they made CC and Hero go there they will definitely send Alex there. He doesn’t need help at all and anybody that thinks he’s a nobody or that fans wont know him are clearly delusional.

    • not ready yet

      he needs to earn his spot. some people are in FCW for a while before they get the chance to even be considered in a dark match in the wwe so the fact that there looking at him he should be happy. as far as famous or star power in the wwe hes probably on the same notibility as ……. persy jackson or whatever that guys name is. if he does get the chance to go straight to the main roster thats somewhat messed up. I think the wwe is a good place for him cause then he will really see where hes at and go back down to the minor league meaning TNA. and i dont mean skill level minor league i mean how popular the company is. once he goes to wwe hell see ohh man i cant do this 4 to 5 days a week thing for 5 years straight. hell go back to tna and do the 2 to 3 days locally and the odd times they travel and really appreiate what TNA has to offer.

    • JustSaying

      If WWE were to look at his indie work along with his work in TNA, they’ed see he deffantly dosent need to go to FCW.

    • Ice

      I’ll love for WWE to put him in a tag-team with Tyson Kidd. I think they could be ones who would resurrect the tag-division from the hole WWE put it in.

    • Peter

      What’s wrong with going to the developmental territory first? Daniel Bryan spent time in there, there’s no excuse Shelley shouldn’t. Developmental territories make future world champions. He’ll be perfect for the FCW edition of NXT.

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