Report on Plans Considered for WWE Hell In a Cell Before Monday

Posted by Matt Boone October 18, 2012 6 Comments

- We noted before that several ideas were considered for Hell In a Cell before WWE officials decided on Ryback vs. CM Punk in the main event. reports that some of those ideas included:

* A three-way with John Cena vs. Ryback vs. Punk

* Even though he’s supposed to go for the World Heavyweight Title, the idea of having Dolph Ziggler cash in on Cena after winning the title from Punk was brought up

* Vince McMahon vs. CM Punk in the Hell In a Cell main event was brought up but a source adds that it was shot down within 30 minutes


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    • If Only

      Having Ziggler cash in against Cena after the match would have been insane. Too bad they’re not going with it.

    • Rashard Hayes

      Why can’t it just be 1-on-1 and forget Cena? Let him wrestle someone else

    • David

      They’ll make Ryback a “challenge” for Punk to then send Punk to wrestle Dwayne, man I don’t know much about creative material but that sounds bad to me.

    • Ppete

      I think punk vs ryback iz da best option depending on who wins……if ryback wins dats gud for da wwe cus u kan tell the lil kids n females r buying into him….n if punk wins then whats da point of throwing ryback in da fire if he going to het burned….bt im a true wrestling fan and a cm punk fan so I hope punk wins ….i see it beeing a dq with punk staying champ…bt knowing wwe who knows…..

      • we’ve cena nuff

        Can’t see it being a DQ inside hell in a cell……

        • Minotaur

          Agreed. HIAC matches are no DQ

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