Report on Problems Between CM Punk and WWE

Posted by Matt Boone November 21, 2012 13 Comments

- We covered on Tuesday how WWE Champion CM Punk complained on Twitter that WWE wasn’t promoting his appearance on Sunday’s episode of Talking Dead, basically the Walking Dead post-show, or his Thanksgiving Day Parade appearance in Chicago.

PWInsider reports that there has been a major disconnect within the relationship between Punk and WWE over the past few weeks. It was originally reported that John Cena was the one who spoke out at Vince McMahon backstage and told him the product needed major changes because it was in bad shape. PWInsider reports that other people are saying it was Punk who spoke out.

There’s a feeling that WWE is doing Punk wrong because he has held the WWE Title for over a year now and is still not featured on the promotional material for WrestleMania 29. There’s also some concern about how Punk will react if The Rock does actually take the WWE Title from him at Royal Rumble. Some feel that if Punk isn’t treated right during WrestleMania season, then there will be “hell to pay.”

It’s said that Punk has some pull in developmental, nowhere near the level of Triple H or someone like that, but Punk has gone in and told them they should push this guy or hire this guy. Punk is expected to be a big focus of the NXT storyline invasion in the coming months.

Source: PWInsider

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    • Kane Maximus

      since he got the title he became a phony just like the monkey ass bitch john cena! now he needs more than little piece of shit..

      • Mr. X

        Oh, so you know him personally? No, you don’t, he’s playing a heel character. It’s still the same guy as always. Just calm down.

        • Sofa

          i hope wwe will simply listen to punk and heyman

    • bluebook

      So, there’s gonna be another NTX invasion storyline? Im ansxious to see how they are going to f*****ck this one up, just like the f*******cked it last year and made it stale and boring unbelievably fast by having Nexus nothing but randomly beat up people every week. The fact that they’ve started doing that with Ryback makes it hard to expect anything more.

    • shane-o-mac

      So I guess people weren’t lying when they said punk has a bigger ego than hogan, dude that’s bad. So what just cuz punk is champ albeit for a year wwe is supposed to kiss his ass? Wwe will go on with or without punk, bottom line. So punk needs to shut up and do what vince tells him and collect that big weekly paycheck before he’s back in the independants working for 200 bucks a night. Punks good, don’t get me wrong. But noones bigger than wwe. And if vince didn’t give him a chance punk wouldn’t be in the position he is in now so be grateful and put that inflated ego in check.

      • marcinthedark

        Wow been drinking the kool aid much lately cm punk is been a heel most of his time wresteling and this is just a story line. Not to mention he will never be back in the indies he has left to huge a mark in the wwe for that.

        • shane-o-mac

          Who’s drinking kool aid? How do you know it’s a storyline? And it’s been documented that punk had an inflated ego way back when he was in ravens fllock in tna. It ain’t drinking kool aid bro, it’s speaking the truth. And never say never about punk not going back to the indies cuz if punk really pissed mcmahon off vince would get rid of him in a minute and no other company could pay what wwe does and then punks huge mark would be ruining his career in wwe cuz of his super sized ego, bet punk wouldn’t be straight edge then.

    • i wikki

      Listen to punk and Hetman www has been so much better with punk in main event light

      • speller

        yes… bret “the hetman” hart rocks. so does that new wrestling promotion “www” ?? Dude… do you proofread??

    • TexansFanatic

      Wonder if CM Punk would mention how “Ryback” was Skip Sheffield in the original Nexus group??? I know it’s highly unlikely but it’d be hilarious to see him mention it. And while he’s at it: he could also show how Dolph Ziggler was in the Spirit Squad years back. I do believe that CM Punk did jolt some much needed excitement into the WWE storylines last year with his promos. But since then, either Vince or the writers just fell face first. They need a major shakeup with the writing. I wish they’d allow Heyman to run RAW at least.

    • bones1891

      Who cares what happens anymore its to predictable its the same crap anymore they can’t make superstars like they used they have lost about 4 million viewers in.the span of 12 years why watch something were you know what’s gonna happen that’s one of the reasons wcw went down

    • iNexus

      It’s really hard to respect Punk when he acts like this. Always threatening to leave the company if things don’t go his way. Now that they made home the longest reigning WWE champion in recent history, he’s still complaining and it’s because of a podcast. Really Punk? There are people in the roster who can do better than you if given the opportunity you had. I guess in some way, you are the new Stone Cold.

    • Kage

      I want to admonish CM Punk for a seemingly-giant ego…yet, I somehow feel like congratulating him for having the balls to stand up to the ‘WWE Machine’.

      I don’t feel as though Phil Brooks is acting like a diva…but rather, he seems to be a man of conviction and principle. People have the right to disagree with his actions (of course), but I think the man is simply trying to keep ‘creative’ (i.e Vince) from screwing up his white-hot streak by dropping the title to ‘Mr. Hollywood’ Dwayne Johnson.

      Now, I don’t hate The Rock, but the person to take the WWE belt from Punk should be someone that would benefit from it; a young talent that is on the verge of breaking through the glass ceiling (like Kofi Kingston – who is good friends with Punk).

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