Report: Spike TV President At TNA Taping, Impact Wrestling To Get Renewed?

It has been reported by various pro wrestling media outlets that Spike TV recently made an offer to buy a partial ownership stake in TNA (rumored to be approximately 10 percent of the company), an offer that TNA President Dixie Carter reportedly declined.

Subsequently, a report on pro wrestling website PW Insider is now claiming that Spike TV President Kevin Kay is backstage at the TNA Impact Wrestling television taping in New York City, which is ongoing right now (Thursday) at the Manhattan Center.

It’s worth noting that Spike TV executive Scott Fishman was in attendance at the Impact Wrestling tapings in New York on Wednesday night as well.

While anything past this point would at best be speculation, many are considering this to be a positive sign in terms of TNA’s future on Spike TV.

We will update you here on the website with any updates regarding this story as soon as they become available.

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