Report: Sting Signs With WWE

Posted by Brad Davis April 11, 2014 22 Comments

Wrestling legend Sting has finally signed a contract with WWE, according to Dave Meltzer in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

While there was some speculation that Sting would be signed to a Legends contract, the agreement is for an on-camera role that will include at least one match.

Sting negotiated with WWE several times over the past few years and worked directly WWE CEO Vince McMahon in, but wound up staying with TNA each year.

Sting was written off TNA television in January when he lost a “career vs. title” match against Magnus.

Earlier this week, TNA officially removed Sting’s profile from the TNA Roster page on the company website.

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    • hmw

      best for business

      taker vs sting summerslam

      • Chris_Is_Awesome

        15-10years too late unfortunately

    • Maze

      Will be fun to see what the WWE does with him. Does he show up first in the rafters of a building to end a show? Why is he here? Who’s his first angle? etc. WWE writers, please don’t let us down!

    • Chanting Crowd

      YES! YES! YES!…

    • Dan Pedreyra

      The creative part here is endless. The match will no doubt be WM31. Since Evolution is back together v s The Shield…’ll be interesting to see who Sting drops on in WWE. Count on his first entrance to give goosebumps on goosebumps.

    • jt

      I pray Stings been hitting the gym harder so he can come to the WWE properly. Stings my boy but the shirt over the tights wasn’t fooling anyone; he needs to loose that gut! I don’t expect WCW Sting but at least look the part! Anyway, if Sting used correctly, my faith in WWE may be restored.

    • TheOwl

      Sting should use this theme song:

      • Marcus H

        This is the only one I want to hear when he makes his WWE debut. I don’t want a remix of it or anything new by WWE, this song is PERFECT for him and will generate a HUGE pop.

    • Darth

      Isn’t this coming from the same guy that also said Cm Punk would most definitely be at Wrestlemania?

      • Ice

        This is posted all over the net on various sites.

    • xXx

      It’s about fucking time! You’d think by now his name would be “Stung”.

    • yoyo

      We’re all thinking about it, but I’ll be the first to say it. WWE better not have String descend from the roof. =X

      • Knock


        • Chris_Is_Awesome


          • D

            He’s been dead for years. We’re over it.

    • Not Chris Jericho

      Taker and Sting have said on multiple occasions that they would want to go out against each other. 1 more match for each of them, and a full year for them to work together, plan the match, and make it one big sendoff without the streak in the way.

    • bleek

      Im guessing Wrestlemania 31 against undertaker? Maybe?

    • Tristan Harding

      NAW there gonna wait till WM 31

    • The Peoples Champ


    • RC Gade

      I may be mistaken but is this the same meltzer who also said punk was coming back? Again may be wrong but if its true I am so happy!

      • D

        Maybe. But the difference is we actually want Sting in the WWE right now…

    • Jason Joseph

      Don’t fuck this up wwe

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