Report: Vince Russo Working On TNA’s Creative Team Again

Posted by Matt Boone January 25, 2014 9 Comments

According to, Vince Russo is back working with TNA Wrestling as part of their creative team.

TNA reportedly reached out to some creative people to help with some consulting for their television product and Russo was apparently one of them.

TNA and Russo are denying these rumors publicly, but many within TNA claim he is absolutely working with the company again.


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    • Guest56787542236889

      Vince Russo is the wrestling world’s answer to Lane Kiffin.

    • Undertaker316

      vince russo is worse than having eric bischoff in creatives what is tna thinking

    • Lucas Tupper

      Jeff Jarrett, AJ Styles, (Soon To Be) Sting, (Essentially) Abyss all gone, now Russo’s back. RIP TNA (2002-2014)

    • Muzlimboy

      and that’s the final nail on the coffin

    • bluebook

      After an intense period of investigation that included observation and experimentation, we concluded 3 years ago the people behind TNA are very, very stupid and don’t know what they are doing. This report is one more piece in the gargantuan mountain of evidence that supports our conclusion.

      A castrated donkey could run TNA better than Dixie and company.

    • dextee

      Why hasn’t WWE bought TNA yet their not even worth a dime

      • Undertaker316

        tna has a lot of international tv deals the reason wwe was able to buy wcw so easily is because no tv channel wanted them so buying tna is more expansive than people think

    • Matt Rayfield

      I can’t wait to see Jeff Jarrett’s new rumored Wrestling promotion to start being developed. Well I hope that that is what it is any way. Because TNA is dead to me now and when MVP comes in to wrestle or whatever he does I hope he finihes burying the company that was once good. Jarrett gone, AJ Styles gone, Sting will be gone soon enough he was carrying what was left of TNA, Abyss/Joe park gone I believe, Chris Daniels soon to be gone, and Kaz soon to be gone. So TNA is about dead.

    • Mr. SLAP NUTS

      I am happy that RUSSO IS BACK

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