Report: WWE Considering Filing Lawsuit Against CM Punk

Posted by Matt Boone July 22, 2014 39 Comments

The word going around in WWE is that things may not exactly be done yet as far as the CM Punk issue is concerned.

Punk, whose WWE contract officially expired recently, noted during a recent interview that he will “never” return to WWE again.

While nothing is official at this point, there is at least some talk going around the company regarding a possible lawsuit against Punk for breach of contract.

There aren’t a lot of specific details regarding this story as of right now, however it is known that there are many people very high up in WWE who are less than pleased with how everything went down with Punk.

If and when any updates become available, we will be sure to post them here on the website.

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    • Q9V

      God bless Vince McMahon.

      • thetruth

        Who’s god? Oh yeah the fictional character that people made up to deal with death. Yeah him, yeah well I don’t think Harry Potter or Santa Claus could “bless” someone and they’re just as real as that god you speak of. Get a clue.

        • theclue

          1. I’m sure the guy was joking.
          2. Sure, religions have caused horrible wars throughout history, but faith has given mankind hope and ultimately prevents chaos. It’s a better place because of it.
          3. You accuse something to be fictional like it’s a bad thing on a professional wrestling website that you were visiting, likely because you’re a fan (of something that’s fictional).

          So yeah, your smug pretentious response was idiotic on 3 levels.

      • Q9V sucks vince off

        you are a DUMBASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Brendan

      Finally had it with WWE/WWF – last PPV I watched was Mania. Punk should’ve headlined that PPV along with D Bryan. They’ve both since been buried! Tired of creative now, they should start calling them Cenation instead! Next to rise, only to get buried again is Cesaro!

      Screw the WWE until they bring back something as innovative and interesting as the Attitude era..

      • Q9V

        Punk had a chance to be in one of the main events with Triple H but he turned that down. He wasn’t in a position to call his own shots where the WWE is concerned, he’s not like the Rock or Taker.

        • Brendan

          The fact that The Rock headlined it the previous year over him when he deserved it was a slap in the face to Punk and every other balls out hard worker in the game. Punk was in a position where he deserved the respect to be headlining Mania and they robbed him of it. Why should he stick around, when he had such heat and crowd pull yet the company decides to go another direction YET AGAIN! Put the Manimal Baptista in the main event over Punk! LOL!

          • Shaquille Burton

            You just said WWE is money dependent so why have punk main event instead of the rock that is not what’s best for business

            • Brendan

              Are you being serious or sarcastic? That’s the whole point – they’re sacrificing the quality of the story lines to pander to the ones that make the most money. Why do they make the most money? Because there are ton of mong hype based casual fans who lap up anything they get fed. I mean The Rock is of the highest calibre but even I don’t want him back to do these novelty matches, where he tries his utmost to make the beef seem genuine, but it ends up ultimately looking painfully put on.

            • Shaquille Burton

              It’s a little bit of both but more on the serious side this is a business they need to make money if you can bring in someone who is making millions doing movies where majority of the kids who are adults now grew up on why not bring him back knowing that is what they like look at it this way what if Austin did a match punk this year at WM 30 would it be alright if Bryan walked out because his shot was taken away

          • Q9V

            It’s not an issue of who was robbed or not robbed, it was a business decision. The Rock equals money. A hell of a lot more than Punk does. And that’s why he was put in that position, to face the biggest full-time star the WWE had. But to leave like that after over a year as top champ, after Cena jobbed to him while he was champion, after Ryback’s momentum was sacrificed to Punk’s reign and after getting to work Mania against the Undertaker…that was the slap in the face. And now, he may have to pay for that.

            • Shaquille Burton

              Ryback was going to be a dud regardless he is boring in the ring and the mic

            • Guest

              Cena killed Ryback’s momentum or more accurately WWE being of the mindset that you can’t have two popular faces feuding with one another kill his momentum.

        • Guest

          So the Money In The Bank 2011 main event never happened?

      • thedon 12

        Yeah Punk being offered the main event and turning it down and Daniel Bryan having a serious is all the creative divisions fault. 100%

        • thedon12

          Serious injury

        • Brendan

          Please spare me the singular instances of why things didn’t happen at Mania or thereafter. Those were but symptoms of the bigger issue – creative being pathetic at what they do. Name me a few enduring story lines in the past 2 years as well as since the Shields arrival – no consistency in who fights for the title, or reasons as to why the rivalry makes sense. So many ad hoc matches milked just for hype and money. Punk vs Brock being one. Mark Henry champion for like one month, screw that – he deserved a title reign. So yeah, I’m tired for now – hopefully they’ll give me a reason to come back in the future. Punk and Bryan should’ve been the Bret and Shawn of this era but no place for that sadly. WWE is money dependent nowadays, they’ve got shareholders to please – they won’t run story lines which for extended periods of time that don’t benefit their bottomline!

          • Good Ol’ Bob Ross

            I agree with you, WWE sucks and still makes some questionable and sometimes downright stupid decisions. But your argument is all wrong. I can answer every one of your statements. You may not like the answers but they can still be answered non the less. Randy Orton and John Cena have been feuding for the past decade and have consistently been fighting for the title and it makes sense because one is a straight laced babyface and the other is a weaseling heel. The Wyatt Family, while not being involved with the main story all of the time, have been staying a legitimate must see attraction with their gimmick and stellar matches and are over with the live crowds. The Shield broke up but their stories have stayed consistent and Ambrose vs. Rollins is hot right now. Punk vs Brock, while cringe worthy, did draw money. Mark Henry’s Championship did not. Punk and Bryan were very close to being the *Bret and Shawn of this era and would have likely been involved in more feuds with one another… if Punk didn’t take his ball and go home. Bryan’s injury is the other factor of that.

            As far as the shareholder issue goes, that’s totally true. For WWE to become a better product they’ll have to potentially lose money to begin with as Cena is their biggest draw. His fans are actually casual and wouldn’t spend a dime on the product if he wasn’t there. And that scares them. The diehard wrestling fans are the ones who would and have stayed no matter who was the main eventer, but it’s the casuals who bring in that extra dough that keeps WWE afloat and the shareholders happy. Truth be told it was casuals that made the Attitude Era so successful (financially speaking), but when that ended, they left.

            *(Raven vs Tommy Dreamer were a better feud by far.
            Bret vs Shawn were more like the Cena vs Orton of their era. Sure the wrestling was better but was really just WWF shoving them down our throats as the rivalry was so lame up until “the Montreal Screwjob”. Bret vs Shawn is one of the reasons WCW had been killing WWF in the ratings.)

      • Bulkster *Upvote god*

        How was Daniel Bryan buried when he was the World Champion before he got hurt? Hurt indefinitely I might add.

      • Guest

        Yeah Daniel Bryan’s been buried despite walking out of Wrestlemania as champion and being taken off of TV and out of action with a broken neck also let’s have Punk in the Wrestlemania Main Event with no build up or reason other than to soothe to his ego and delusional fans who thinks he’s hot shit.

        Also if you’re going to talk up about the Attitude Era talk about the crappiness that was also apart of that Era instead of assuming it was all perfect and flawless.

        • Brendan

          I’ve been around wrestling and WWE long enough to know that Daniel Bryan would’ve gotten buried eventually if he did not have the insane heat he generated – by himself mostly! He brought himself out of the top guy wilderness almost entirely through his own work in the ring! I’m not saying WWE don’t consider him a top guy – just that he would’ve never been the companies TOP guy had he not generated that heat. Anyway lets see how long his reign at the top lasts when he comes back. Whether he’d be back in the title picture for a prolonged period of time – or if its just temporary and a side show to the Cena/Orton title domination.

          As for the eras, it was both the Attitude and the 1st two thirds of the Ruthless Aggression era that were brilliant, I actually lumped RA into the Attitude era as most do but yeah – I can still go back and watch most RAWs/Smackdowns and PPVs and be totally engrossed. The Charisma, personality on the mic was insane – now that was not just because of the wrestlers but also creative had some great writing. The rivalries were enduring – I mean that’s why the crowd go insane still up to today when anybody returns from those eras. I mean if we have somebody like Steiner returning tomorrow to have a beef with Triple H, despite not being the greatest wrestler or the best mic worker – he would get a huge pop when he enters the arena. As soon as those sirens start sounding people would go insane – why?? It has something to do with nostalgia but it also has something to do with the storylines and the awesomeness of creative of the past – err well at least if they don’t manage to mess it up like they did with Batista returning. Haha – anyway all this is my own opinion. I’m a wrestling-head like I’m sure you are – I’m just not content with the current WWE product, end of story :)

          • Guest

            Steiner and Triple H……..feuding……..again?

            To paraphrase Hitler from Inglorious Basterds.

            Nein Nein Nein Nein Nein.

            • Brendan

     – give me that any day over the current boring hogwash!!

            • Guest

              Yeah gimmick matches or whatever that don’t involve actual wrestling have been and always will be terrible no level of spin can change that.

    • OldSkoolRasslinFan

      CM punk is lame glad he’s gone for good. If u ppl are tired of wwe why get on this site lmao fuking idiots

    • Mr. X

      I’m just wondering why they waited so long. If he left my company on Monday… By Tuesday morning he would be awoken to the pitter patter of someone placing a lawsuit on his doorstep, with the words “here’s a pipe bomb for ya”.

      • Q9V

        Now they have the chance to state in court that they were “being generous by giving him some time off to recharge and hopefully come back while under contract.” His walking away the way he did is what’s going to screw him.

    • CM Punk guy

      Not a smart move by WWE. He may now want to come back now, but in a year or so he might change his mind and WWE could sure as hell use his star power. Let him
      close a wrestlemania with Bryan or Cena if they don’t think he’s a big draw…. I doubt he’ll care if he loses, just give him the chance to put on a classic wrestlemania main event.

    • hmw

      YES f**k that bastard punk

    • Dan Pedreyra

      Let me correct these clowns as usual. First off…read this “hot little tidbit” again folks. The writing level of this “page” is that of a ten year old. WWE has NEVER mentioned any threat of any lawsuit nor would they do it publicly. Second, the interview these goofs are referring to was a tongue-in-cheek comment Punk made while literally laughing. It was a half smart a** half kidding comment. He said “Never ever ever” followed by him saying he knew he ‘d get killed on Twitter for saying that. The person doing the interview knew he wasn’t dead serious about the context. If you want real stories visit Bleacher Report. These goofs are just kids who have no idea what they are doing.

      • Smark


      • Guest

        Bleacher Report isn’t any better.

    • Bulkster *Upvote god*

      WWE should sue him. You don’t break your contract. Period.

    • Josh

      To this point, so many theories of what would happen with Punk have fizzled out. Perhaps when it comes to Punk, we should adopt the policy that this is all speculation unless directly confirmed.

    • chrissi calvert

      This could have been easily avoided if WWE had just agreed to let Punk have a month or 2 off to let his body heal & recover from the injuries he had instead of pushing him into feud after feud. Surely the health & wellbeing of the roster should be a top priority

    • Jutr

      We all shld be filing lawsuit against the wwe for their shitty product and the fact that man hands stephanie and her bizarro hubby triple h are running the show.

      • Guest

        Good old fashioned frivolous lawsuits only in America.

    • Andrew

      Whoever wrote this article is an idiot, if you actually watch the interview they never say WWE and also it is VERY obvious he is being 100% sarcastic!

    • Umut Yarrow

      They want to sue CM Punk and push a forced untalented guy who has only looks down our throat. That is everything whats wrong with the WWE nowadays. PS: Yes I am talking about Roman “Superman 2.0″ Reigns.

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