Report: WWE Doesn’t See Money In Dolph Ziggler

Posted by Michael Bluth September 26, 2013 16 Comments

- Despite the fact that Dolph Ziggler continues to get very strong reactions from WWE crowds, the Wrestling Observer reports that the main reason he’s he’s no longer being pushed as a main event act is because WWE doesn’t think he can draw money.

- CM Punk’s Twitter account was recognized by Sports illustrated as part of their “Twitter 100″ list for 2013. The list ranks the 100 best sports-related Twitter feeds. Here’s what they said about Punk:

“The seven-time WWE champion (and noted Blackhawks and Cubs fan) is a master of the Twitter mic, whether mocking spelling and grammar mistakes from Twitter trolls or tweeting photos of himself to battling singer Chris Brown (“I would like @chrisbrown fight somebody that can defend themselves. Me curb stomping that turd would be a #wrestlemania moment.”)”

  • Swap

    I see Trips talking… :/

  • JMC

    And WCW didn’t see money in HHH, Austin, or Foley. Hmm….

    • Raven

      As well as Undertaker.

  • Darwin

    Then maybe he’ll get released and go elsewhere to become a big name. Hopefully somewhere faaaaaaar away from my Tv.

  • Mrs. Ambrose

    I think that Dolph Ziggler will be back in the main event again.

  • Ice

    If he gets a big crowd reaction, what makes them not think he can sale?? he practically has the crowds attention, support him, etc…

  • Wrestle4life

    Wrestling has to go back an old style; like when they had matches that were inter-federation, like AWA/NWA, WWWF/NWA, if they did that many fans would remember those times and the younger fans will appriciate the shows that got thier favorites more recognition and have companies like direct tv and such broadcast shows from minor companies, like have a channel dedicated to these small companies and feature them on a channel devoted to them during a broadcast day.

  • Rob Tytler

    further proof that the powers that be at wwe have there heads stuck up their asses!!!

  • Brock Lesner

    What the fuck else is new. Lets give it to Cena. Same shit, different toilet. Fuck you WWE.

  • anthony j

    Same thing the said about Edge.

    • anthony j


  • carl

    and they see money in alberto del rio?

    • James Harding


  • Bray Wyatt

    So in other words the front office is telling him your a hell of a wrestler but you can’t sell enough merchandise to be a champion and main eventer.

  • Cris Cross

    A wannabe Mr.Perfect

  • ThaMan

    Dolph Z is a total main event wrestler. He performs his butt off and this is what he gets? That’s total BS.

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