Report: WWE Feels They Have “Decent Chance” Of Signing Sting

Posted by Matt Boone October 18, 2013 28 Comments

As noted previously, Hulk Hogan is reportedly leaning towards re-signing with TNA Impact Wrestling over WWE, due to what was described by one source as a “low-ball” offer from WWE. However, the same source is now reporting WWE may still sign one of the top stars in TNA today.

According to a new report, sources within WWE feel that their chances are “decent” at signing “The Icon” Sting (Steve Borden) to a deal with the company. Sting is perhaps the single biggest name in pro wrestling history, certainly in the United States, to have never worked for WWE. WWE has made overtures in the past to get Sting to make the move to WWE, but never got the deal done.

[Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter]

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    • Undertaker316

      we might finally get to see undertaker vs sting at wm 30

      • 123

        dude it’s never going to happen! get over it!! sting is going to stay with tna until he retires!!! wwe will never sign sting!!

        • Knock

          @disqus_GSjBC7wme7:disqus dude shut up, you dont know crap.

          • 123

            and what are you going to do if i don’t shut up!! u fucking bitch

            • Voice of Reason

              Wow haha. Idiots.

            • Oz

              shut the fuck up soft cunt. you wont do shit. come and meet up with me and we can fight

            • Daniel Delvecchio

              I see you’re a fan of Kevin Nash’s 1990 WCW gimmick Oz.

      • Billy Rash

        that would be a damn good watch between undertaker vs sting..give me a hell yeah

    • troll


      also lol @ Hogan for getting low balled

    • David Adkins

      Who better to end the streak of the Undertaker at Wrestling Mania 30 than Sting ..

      • Just…Joe. from C.P.

        Why should Sting be the guy to end The Streak?
        I don’t understand the logic to that statement is all.

        • Mark Markington

          That’s because there’s no feud yet. If WWE wanted to, they could make sense of it.

          • Just…Joe. from C.P.

            Okay, but why should Sting end The Streak? What is there to gain for WWE, Undertaker, or Sting for that matter?
            Sting beating The Undertaker at WrestleMania implies he’s not only bigger than Taker (which he’s not) but bigger than the opponents he’s beaten in The Streak. A list that includes Shawn Michaels.

            Sting is not a bigger superstar, especially for WWE, than The Undertaker.

            • Mark Markington

              I’m just saying if WWE wanted to.. but it wouldn’t happen, you’re right. The only person I could see beating Undertaker would be Cena, or Lesnar.

            • Anurag

              Cena or lesnar is not gonna beat unndertaker not only them no other superstar is gonna do that because WWE won’t allow that to happen because that is very bad for WWE

            • Samael Siew Schaffer

              bad for wwe or bad for taker,if the streak still go on,he have to continue,you idiot because he is old and very fragile now cause he suffer so much injuries and the streak is not end,wwe is responsibilty for that injuries,idiot

    • Matt Rayfield

      WWE Wants Sting so bad, But I highly doubt that he would ever sign with them , because the only way they would is if he were allowed to beat Undertaker’s Streak. But we all know in reality that WWE won’t allow that and thus Sting will never sign with WWE. It would take such a huge offer by WWE and even Triple H to get him to sign that I doubt that one would ever get done.

      • Bob Skelton

        I Agree ..Even though I wouldn’t mind seeing ” StiNgeR ” in WWE i’m w/ you .

        • Matt Rayfield

          As much as we would all like to see it, like I mentioned before it will never happen. The day that happens I would be all over buying that DVD for Collection reasons because that would be the match of all matches. It would be like Sting WCW Now with TNA, vs Undertaker WWf Now called WWE the Match in the making for Decades and The buyrates would skyrocket the WWE WrestleMania sales too. But like I said before it won’t happen. John Morrsion vs HBK would not happen either.

    • yoyo

      We all know HHH is going to c*ckblock the fans and book himself against Sting.

    • Ho Kogan

      I’m probably the only person here that doesn’t want Sting to make that move. Over the years I have had so much respect for Sting because he has become a household name to any seasoned wrestling fan, and he accomplished everything without making the move over, and for that I praise him. Sting is the one and only “Icon” and even if wwe treats him right and books him properly, I want to remember him forever for the guy that made it without Vince’s help and he may have wrestled in wcw, but he never wrestled for wwe. Vince may be top dog in the wrestling industry, but that didn’t stop Sting. I would love to see Sting vs. Taker just like everyone else, but I don’t know if they’d let Sting be the guy to end the streak. I think that Sting is just too high profile for wwe, because he will most likely be good for only a main storyline or two, they won’t let him hold the title, he’s in his 50’s. They won’t treat him the same way TNA does, at the caliber he deserves. The guy is a legend in the ring. Please don’t go to the wwe. Preserve your accomplishments, don’t taint them with one final run in a company that won’t use you the right way.

    • Coraje187

      Sting already said that he will never sign with WWE, he would rather work indie then WWE. He dose not get along with staff.

      • Ice

        He said that years ago, and now previously he is re-assuring to sign, He was on the pinnacle to sign in January 2012, but Dixie Carter managed to get into his head.

    • Mike

      This would be the biggest deal in wrestling history.. Sting to finish out his career in WWE.. C’mon we all know still is at the end of his career.. Maybe have 5yrs left if that but C’mon ppl it’s STING were talking here.. They could make him a kick ass heel and prep it out for Taker vs Sting for Wrestlemain XXX.. Man that would put asses in seats.. Man of all rumors to be true I hope this deal goes through that would be absolutely fn awesome… Let’s go Vince work that damn magic and give this man a god damn jet if he wants it.. Done Deal let’s do this!

    • TheMachineX2

      10-15 years ago this may have been huge but not anymore . Sting is too old he doesn’t even look good cosmetically- hair thinned , hair line receded, and even wrestles with a t-shirt on bcuz his upper body is soft and flabby. frankly, I’m tired of seeing him every week on impact.

    • kiaba360

      After his performance last night, I’m not sure why anyone would be interested in watching Sting vs. Undertaker.

    • kiaser

      sting coming out and winning the royal rumble the shit

    • @rumorhasittunes

      i wanna see sting catch a sweet chin music

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