Results: WWE Main Event – 12/19/12

The show opened with Michael Cole welcoming us to Main Event on ION Television. Miz introduced himself as the victor of a tag match at TLC. They introduced a clip of a match from last month between Team Hell No and Team Rhodes Scholars. They said Cody was out for revenge, and that Cody was upset that his mustache was trending on Twitter, but not Team Rhodes Scholars. They then showed a video clip that recapped the rivalry going back a few months.

After the video Team Rhodes Scholars made their ring entrance. Team Hell No then made their entrance…

Team Hell No vs. Team Rhodes Scholars for the WWE Tag Team Championship
Rhodes demanded that Kane start the match instead of Bryan, so Bryan tagged out. Cody’s mustache chants started early, and Rhodes and Kane traded blows. Rhodes got the best of it at first, but Kane struck back with an uppercut to get out of the corner. Rhodes tried for a bulldog, but Kane launched him towards his corner. Rhodes tagged out and Sandow entered. He ate an uppercut from Kane, who hit some strikes and tagged in Bryan. Bryan hit some kicks to the body, and then a moment later locked in a surfboard.

Kane tagged in and hit a seated dropkick on Sandow, followed by a ground headlock. Sandow got to his feet, but Kane shoved him into the corner and tagged him with some more punches and an uppercut. Bryan tagged back in and worked over Sandow’s back and shoulders with holds. Bryan then hit some knee strikes to Sandow’s back, and tagged in Kane. Kane hot a body slam, but Sandow used his quickness to get away and tag in Rhodes. Kane hit some more punches on Rhodes, who rolled to the outside. Kane followed, and got shoved into the steps…

Sandow put the boots to Kane and tagged in Rhodes. Rhodes worked over Kane a bit and made a quick tag back to Sandow. Kane hit a big clothesline on Sandow, who quickly tagged Rhodes. Rhodes went after Kane’s knee and grounded him, and then made a tag to Sandow. Both men hit a double team suplex on Kane, and got a two count. Sandow tagged in, and ate a big punch from Kane. Bryan finally tagged in and worked some strikes on Sandow, followed by a running drop kick in the corner on Sandow.

Bryan continued to work on Sandow, hitting a headbutt and more kicks. Bryan avoided a charging Sandow and sent him hard to the floor. He wanted to go for a suicide dive, but Sandow stayed on the ground. Bryan went to the outside to get Sandow, and threw him back into the ring. Rhodes provided a distraction, which allowed Sandow to send Bryan into the barricade from the apron…

Rhodes hit a vertical suplex on Bryan, and sneered at the crowd. Sandow tagged in a moment later, and worked over Bryan with strikes. Rhodes and Sandow double teamed Bryan in the corner, but the ref broke it up. Bryan and Sandow then traded blows, but Sandow got the better of it. Cody tagged in and applied a rear chinlock. Bryan broke free, and traded strikes with Rhodes while standing. Rhodes got the better of the exchange and tagged Sandow. Sandow hit the Elbow of Disdain and taunted the crowd.

More rapid tags and more quick strikes and holds from Rhodes and Sandow. Bryan eventually hit a running kick on Sandow crawled over to tag Kane. Rhodes also tagged in and Kane mopped the floor with him. Kane worked power offense and sent Sandow off the apron. Kane then climbed to the top, but Rhodes caught him and he and Sandow attempted and failed to hit a double team super plex. Kane then jumped off and clotheslined Rhodes.

Sandow hit a neckbreaker on Kane and Bryan broke up the pinfall. Rhodes hit a CrossRhodes on Bryan, who rolled out of the ring. He then hit a Beautiful Disaster Kick on Kane for a very close near fall. A moment later, Cody missed a moonsault on a standing Kane. Bryan made a blind tag, and Kane hit a chokeslam. Bryan climbed to the top and hit a top rope head butt for the clean win.

The announcers put over The Prime Time Players vs. CoBro as next…

Kane and Daniel Bryan retain their WWE Tag Team Championships

The Prime Players then made their ring entrance. They were then followed by Cobro, who got a huge reaction.

Team Cobro vs. The Prime Time Players
Santino and Titus started, and Titus immediately started with his power offense. Santino backed off and tagged in Ryder. Titus immediately hit some strikes on Ryder and backed him into unfriendly territory to make the tag to Darren Young. Young and Ryder brawled around, with Ryder getting the better of it. Ryder tagged in Santino, who did a comedy bit in the corner deciding which rope to jump off of at Young. He settled on the first and hit a low impact jumping elbow. Young eventually got the better of Santino with punches and kicks. Titus tagged back in and knocked down Santino with a haymaker…[c]

Young and O’Neill double teamed Santino with shoulder blocks and then Titus dropped Young onto Santino. Titus then worked more power and applied the abdominal stretch. Santino tried to work his way out, but Titus tossed him like a ragdoll and tagged Young. Young applied a chinlock, but Santino fought out and applied a body scissors. Both men tagged and Titus ate a knee from Ryder. Ryder hit a dropkick and the Broski Boot. Things broke down and both teams ended up brawling, and Santino hit the Cobra on Young. Titus sent Santino out of the ring, and avoided a Rough Ryder. He then hit his finisher on Ryder and got the pin fall victory.

The Prime Time Players defeated Team Cobro

Source: PWNet