Rey Mysterio Possibly Tears ACL Again

Posted by Matt Boone March 4, 2013 9 Comments

Rey Mysterio announced on Twitter that he met with Dr. James Andrews today due to a possible ACL tear. Mysterio last torn his ACL back in 2011. Here is what he wrote on Twitter:

Good morning!About to C the man, Doc. James Andrews… Things haven’t been good since I stepped back in the ring, possibly Acl tear again!

Only thing I can do now is,leave it in GODS hands!

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    • Josh

      Tore your ACL? Were you walking again?

    • gokule

      omg. just chop off his legs and call it a day

    • Derp

      Hahahahaha, this guy is useless. Just fire him already. He’s injured more than he actually wrestles. He wrestles one match and is injured the next day. Get rid of this worthless money grubber.

      • Derp.

        -_- You make me (the real derp) look bad. I for one am a little biased with the Mysterio situation. He gives me this sense of nostalgia because he was one of the wrestlers I really looked up to a year or two into his debut. By no means is he useless. He does get injured more than he wrestles, that is very true. But he pulls big numbers in sales for merch, especially with the younger kids. He makes a lot of money for the company in that aspect. He is a great addition for the latino’s who tune in every week. Other than Albero Del Rio, they really don’t have much of any latino wrestlers. Sin Cara maybe, but he never fully got over with the fans due to being gone so much during the time when he should have been winning them over in the ring. He dug his own grave with that one. Not saying it’s his fault he got hurt, accidents happen, but that may be one of the reasons why Sin Cara isn’t as big as he could have been. Aside from all of that unrelated stuff, Rey Mysterio is one of those people who will just always be over, he has been doing the same song and dance for how long now? And people still go wild when they hear his theme music. He is not baggage, he is an asset.

        • Derp Sucks

          shut up you gay canadian!

          • Derp.

            Erm. I am neither homosexual nor am I a Canadian O_o That is one of the weirdest insults I’ve received in a long time..You should get a cookie for that! And with that response I shall give you this, Shaddap you lesbian brazillian! …see, sounds weird, doesn’t it :p

        • Derp

          No he’s worthless. Just because he makes them money, doesn’t mean anything. If that’s the case, fire him, sell his merch, and let him keep some of the profit. He ain’t putting anybody in seats, because he’s never there to be seen. So yeah, he’s baggage. He’s worse than Kevin Nash and tearing his hamstring. And who cares if he pulls a latino audience? The latino audience was always there, long before Rey even came to the company. So once again, he’s worthless, and easily replaceable.

          Also, I’ve been using Derp for a couple years now, fuck off.

    • Beer Money Jobber

      You know how Rey re-injured his ACL?

      He was climbing the golden hills of Acapulco to see Senorita Maria Juana when he got the munchies for Taco Bell. Rey turned around quickly but lost his balance because he was higher than a kite. He fell down the hill & hit his knee of a tree & went into a fit of laughter never relizing until he came down how bad he had injured himself.
      Mysterio is thinking about renaming the 6-1-9 the 4-20.

    • morrisonfanone

      Is anyone really shocked? Rey’s been injured a lot lately. It might be time for him to hang it up. I hope not, but if he’s going to keep getting injured.

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