Rey Mysterio Wants Mask vs. Hair Match Against Alberto Del Rio At WMXXX

Posted by Matt Boone January 18, 2014 8 Comments

- Rey Mysterio wants to wrestle Alberto Del Rio at WrestleMania in a Mask vs. Hair match.

During an interview with WWE Magazine (February 2014 issue), Mysterio said:

“Ever since the moment that Alberto Del Rio came into the company, he’s been trying to push me aside to a certain degree. I almost feel like he wants to take over the Hispanic fanbase, which is something I feel would be impossible at this point.”

“If I were to pick a dream [WrestleMania] match-up … it would be against him, and I would definitely put my mask on the line. I want it to be a classic lucha libre-style match, Mask vs. Hair.”

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    • Undertaker316

      it would be better to have rey vs sin cara in a mask vs mask match but since we all know sin cara is now hunico rey would lose the match and retire if rey keep’s injuring his knee’s anymore he wont be able to walk let alone wrestle

    • Hector Naranjo

      Ive been hoping to see Ray vs Sin Cara regardless of who sin cara is, but with what rey laid down Hair vs Mask that woukd be a Match i would sit back and enjoy, not to mention those two would deliver a great match

      • Anthony

        Sin Cara is Hunico right now.

        • Hector Naranjo


    • Smarky Mark Wahlberg

      Wow, an actually interesting use of Alberto Del Rio. Did not think that was possible anymore, but Rey’s idea has my interest.

    • George Flegel

      They should do that. Batista could cost Del Rio the match or at least provide a minor distraction to give Rey the win. It would be a great way to set up a feud between Batista and Del Rio.

    • Bulkster


    • Anthony

      I think that it should be Rey Mysterio Vs Sin Cara(Hunico) Mask Vs Mask because Sin Cara isn’t really him. Sin Cara dislocated his finger on August 19, 2013 after that he hasn’t appeared on Raw or Smackdown except for a World Tour in Mexico. If you go on google wikipedia and search up Sin Cara or Mistico then read the very bottom and it says that Hunico has portrayed Sin Cara as being him thats why he has the tattoos on his right shoulder and if you search on google images and type Hunico tattoos then it will see his tattoos on his right shoulder.
      Rey Mysterio Vs Sin Cara (Hunico) Mask Vs Mask Wrestlemania XXX

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