Ric Flair Shoots & Causes TNA To Hire Alex Silva

– Alex Silva, the first TNA Gutcheck contestant to earn a contract, is currently training at Ohio Valley Wrestling, TNA’s developmental territory. The reason he has not been back on television since earning the contract is because he was not originally scripted to win.

Enter Ric Flair. Originally, both Bruce Prichard and Flair were supposed to vote No while Al Snow would have been the only judge to vote Yes. Flair was so impressed with Silva’s promo that he broke from the script during the segment and voted Yes.

Prichard, who was also impressed by Silva but caught off guard by Flair’s unforeseen move, had to improvise and also changed his vote to Yes.

TNA had the option of re-filming the segment but it would have looked bad in front of the crowd so they just decided to hire him.

– After getting denied a TNA contract during the Gutcheck segment of last week’s Impact Wrestling, independent worker Joey Ryan has resurfaced online with the following YouTube video:

(Partial Source: f4wonline.com)