Ric Flair Shoots & Causes TNA To Hire Alex Silva

Posted by Brad Davis June 6, 2012 13 Comments

- Alex Silva, the first TNA Gutcheck contestant to earn a contract, is currently training at Ohio Valley Wrestling, TNA’s developmental territory. The reason he has not been back on television since earning the contract is because he was not originally scripted to win.

Enter Ric Flair. Originally, both Bruce Prichard and Flair were supposed to vote No while Al Snow would have been the only judge to vote Yes. Flair was so impressed with Silva’s promo that he broke from the script during the segment and voted Yes.

Prichard, who was also impressed by Silva but caught off guard by Flair’s unforeseen move, had to improvise and also changed his vote to Yes.

TNA had the option of re-filming the segment but it would have looked bad in front of the crowd so they just decided to hire him.

– After getting denied a TNA contract during the Gutcheck segment of last week’s Impact Wrestling, independent worker Joey Ryan has resurfaced online with the following YouTube video:

(Partial Source: f4wonline.com)

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    • matt

      scripting to see who gets hired? wtf is the point in doing the competition then?

      • Kindred1313

        That just tells me that TNA is so full of shit I should sue there asses for fraud

        • MisinformationPodcast


          • Kindred1313

            Really that’s what you got out of that post, That I spelled that wrong

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            • GhostDistortion

              Nope you spelled “there” correctly, you just used the wrong form of the word.

    • Mike

      We all know if it wasn’t scripted then Joey Ryan would have won. He had the most charisma just like Austin Aries in my opinion. A slight gimmick change would have been acceptable, but he has a great in ring skill along with a mic skill obviously. Someone needs to pick Joey Ryan up though.

    • Joey Ryan a.ka. Dirk Diggler

      Where’s John Laurinaitis when you need him huh ??!!

    • CM Drunk

      Why is is in the WWE section?

    • Scott Steiner

      Joey Ryan will be back, if theyre smart. If not, than nothing will change. Theyre already going in the same direction as WCW anyways #609

    • Broski

      That was very unprofessional of Ric. Eventhough “Yes” was a popular decision, that decision affected other individual such as Prichard. He’s not a team player in that part.

      One of the difficult part in handling a team is that if one member won’t follow the plan, and that blacksheep won’t even tell you that he didn’t like the plan.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1303498811 Laz Medina

      Joey’s character sucks.

    • Kane

      wow! this guy did pretty good in this video promo!

    • daredevil6968

      looks like flair wanted to get with D-bry trend and say “YES, YES, YES”

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