Ric Flair Has Warrant Out For His Arrest, Due In Court On 1/24

Posted by Matt Boone January 10, 2014 4 Comments

The Charlotte Business Journal ran an article noting that WWE Hall Of Famer “Nature Boy” Ric Flair currently has a warrant out for his arrest in Mecklenburg County for failure to pay post-separation support and legal fees to his ex-wife Jacqueline.

The article notes that Flair owes $32,352.51, and if he’s taken in, would not be able to get out until he paid the money owed.

Flair faces a hearing in court for the warrant on January 24th.

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    • Derp

      I’ll bet he wishes he didn’t marry money grubbing whores.

    • Rockman Rex

      That is the price he pays for marrying his gold digging wives and bringing them to his Playboy nest at Space Mountain. Now he is also in the situation with the whole 49ers motivation speech, And in the process severed ties with the Panthers and its fan in his home state by creating disappointment and anger to the fans in N.C. Hell, he is even getting death threats. LORD KNOWS, whats gonna happen in the result of 49ers-Panthers playoffs spot this weekend. I would not be a betting man if l were Flair. lf the 49ers win over the Panthers, then no doubt he better pack all his shit and leave out town cuz those crazy passionate N.C. fans are gonna grab pitch forks, shotguns, kitchen sink, whatever they can, and get their hands on his ass. He better off laying low at a retirement community in Orlando. Even if he runs, police are looking for him and are looking to put him in jail to pay outstanding fines and be more broke than ever and nothing to show for it from his 40 years career, WOW. There is no safe haven both side of the fences for Slick Ric. The end result will be a lose/lose case for Flair!

    • D

      Another state down, how many does that make now?

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny has always been a huge Ric Flair fan, especially during his NWA days, buy since the Nature Boy hit his AARP days, he acting more & more like a fool.
      Hell, he ever looked half in the bag at Old School RAW.

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