Ric Flair’s Age, TNA Getting Media Coverage, More

Posted by Brad Davis February 25, 2011 11 Comments

— Today is Ric Flair’s birthday. The nature boy turns 62 years old.

— Dixie Carter has gotten a ton of heat from fans on Twitter for calling the “3-3-11″ video the “most shocking surprise of the year.” You can check out some fans’ comments for her here: http://twitter.com/#!/search/%40tnadixie

— The news of Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick appearing for TNA has been reported on several gossip outlets today. TNA has already accomplished their main goal with this storyline – media attention for the promotion. ESPN.com has picked up the story on New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott appearing at the TNA iMPACT tapings in North Carolina. Numerous other media outlets are also picking this one up. As far as TNA management is concerned, these two appearances have both already paid off.

— TNA Global iMPACT 3 is now available on TNAonDemand.com.

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    • sumguy

      no comment. and oh dixie…. that’s all I have to say to u

      • sumguy

        and great great great great great great great great grandpa ric, for the love of all that’s good, RETIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Juice Box

      Ric Flair’s still got it! on the mic I mean

    • reaper527

      i’m glad they are getting flac for the 3/3/11 promo video. they blatantly ripped off wwe’s undertaker returns promo, and within weeks of the wwe doing it

    • Random guy

      To any fans that are blasting Dixie on her Twitter account:

      Don’t bother my friends. For all her talk to the contrary, Dixie does NOT listen to the fans any longer. TNA’s product is created for an audience of ONE. Dixie Carter. She does not care what we think or feel about TNA. She thinks that if she likes it, then everyone else does as well.

      I understand and share in your frustration, but it’s not worth telling her about. Her ego has grown to surpass even Vince McMahon’s. And I say that with confidence because although Vince can be an egomaniac at times, he ALWAYS comes around in the end and gives the fans what they truly want. But he’s been to the mountain top, and in a sense, has earned the arrogance that sometimes comes with success.

      Dixie on the other hand, has done NOTHING. She failed as a marketer for TNA. She testified before Congress even though no one asked her to, and has intentionally hired some of the worst business men in wrestling history to run her company. She has even aired a video on Impact of her talking down to the wrestlers.

      She has consistently insulted the fans and her employees with the way she has run TNA. There is simply no reason for the fans, or the wrestlers, to stay loyal to her company any longer.

      Again, I share in your frustration, but bugging her on Twitter means NOTHING to her. She probably thinks that because you are attacking, that means she’s doing something right, and will use it to justify her idiocy.

      • darkpatriot85

        And the only reason Impact has a full house every week is because they don’t charge admission. THEY GET IN FOR FREE!!!!!! WHAT????!!!!!

    • http://www.youtube.com/slic3gce Hollow Bonez

      Dixie deserves it.

    • KIK

      62! WOW

    • darkpatriot85

      Dixie Carter showing once again her idiocy rivals Vince Russo’s.

      Also, Global Impact 3, all I have to say is TNA is damn lucky that New Japan is letting them appear on their annual super show. If Inoki was still with the company he would NEVER allow a drug addict (Jeff Hardy) wrestle on his big show. I’d rather buy a bootleg version of Wrestle Kingdom V than one TNA puts out.

    • Wrestlehead

      Dixie is an idiot for thinking anyone would be surprised by this. Doesn’t she know that if she tapes a show in this day and age, at least one person will leak it to the internet? The only way to surprise the fans is to make it a live broadcast. Sting vs Hardy should have been a PPV match at least if they were going to bring him back as a big surprise anyway.

      And as for Flair, I’ve already commented on him in some of my other postings. He means more to the business than probably the entire dressing room combined, minus maybe Hogan, and he is ruining his legacy the longer he sticks around. I’ve said it once before and I’ll say it again: I have no problem with the generation that grew up in the 1950’s but I really don’t enjoy watching them in tights, sweating, and bodyslamming people.

    • Ghost

      That stupid 3/3/11 crap is just a carbon copy of the promos WWE used a few weeks prior to hype the Undertaker. TNA is a joke and only copies WWE now. They have aborted any attempts at being their own product and now they are the laughing stock of the wrestling industry. Screw you Dixie, Screw you.

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