Ric Flair’s TNA Status, Al Snow Speaks On TNA, More

Posted by Brad Davis February 23, 2011 7 Comments

— Ric Flair resurfaced last week on iMPACT!, his first TNA appearance since the organization’s tour overseas. A source said that backstage, Flair acted as if nothing occurred overseas.

— Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas recently interviewed TNA producer Al Snow. Here are the highlights of what Snow said about:

Thoughts on wrestlers using Twitter to air grievances: “It shouldn’t be a venue to air gripes or complaints, by no means. The wrestling business was a closed business for a very long time (Jimmy can attest to this). It’s kinda like remember when you were a kid, and you were at home and something would happen within your family and it was never spoken outside of the house because it was your family. It was nobody else’s business because nobody else could appreciate or understand the situation, and therefore, would pass judgment on something they really didn’t have a part in. Because at the end of the day, the only people who are gonna have to go to bed with it and wake up with it are you and your family – and that’s kinda like the wrestling business.”

On TNA talent using social forums (via Twitter) to comment on the competition: “We’re the ones who rely on and depend on the wrestling business for our livelihood and how we’re gonna feed our families. So why throw dirt on each other and throw muck around, or air out our grievances or talk about the competition in a public forum. It’s okay to do all of those things amongst ourselves, but once it goes outside those doors, and goes into an area where people don’t have a real stake in what happens or what it being said then it’s like your cousin Jim who went to jail – you don’t want to share that with anybody because he’s your cousin – he’s your family.”

On his job description as a producer for TNA: “A communicator who conveys message from an agents meeting to determine what type of business we want to accomplish from a particular match – pushing a storyline, getting a babyface over, make a character, put heat on a heel, or start teaching the audience (6-montsh out) that a certain guy could be a champion so that 6-months later he becomes a viable threat/contender to the title (in the eyes of the audience).”

“The most oxymoronic term out there is a ‘smart-mark’. Just doesn’t exist. Because how can you be smart at something – knowing somebody is lying to you, while actually believing the lie. It’s a term created by fans who believe they’re on the inside of something that they’re not really on the inside of. They’re not a part of the business because they don’t have a real stake in it.”

– “A great example is if you ask what was the best match of WrestleMania 3. Most people would say Savage/Steamboat. But it was Hogan/Andre because 93,000 people paid to see Hogan/Andre. The best match isn’t about ‘working’ or ‘taking the best bumps’, it’s the match that draws the most people and makes the most money. That’s the best match.”

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    • sumguy

      Flair retire. your old, you need to just retire. You did a lot for wrestling back then, this is now, your not the same, your old, but ur love is money more than wrestling so ric quit while your ahead and the same to HOgan and all the remaining senior citizens in tna, give the spotlight to the young talents, you do not need to spotlight anymore, it’s ppl like flair, hogan, bishoff and the wwe rejects that makes tna a lot more boring than ever. TNA wasn’t boring till Hogan, flair, bishoff and teh rejects came and couldn’t do anything else but try to bash wwe and try to compete with wwe and it didn’t get any where. QUIT. your old Flair, Hogan is hold, bishoff sux and all the wwe rejects who got nothing more to do than to bash wwe plus the drug loving Hardys, please, Just stop.

    • Random guy

      Wow. I agree with Al Snow on a lot of things about wrestling, but almost everything he said here was nonsense. Everyone knows how the business works now sir. You can stop pretending it’s rocket science. And considering the company you work for has a president who Tweets more than everyone else there, maybe you should shut up about social media if you want to keep your job. I agree that’s it pointless and ailly, but Dixie has shown that she is dumb enough to fire someone over that.

    • Damn

      THE NEW LAYOUT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • http://www.youtube.com/slic3gce Hollow Bonez

        Aww quit whining. Get off the site then.smh. ANYWAY:
        Snow, that’s the problem with TNA now. You guys aren’t worrying about a good match by good performers, you guys are worrying who draws money. Even if they are old hags (no disrespect intended). Al Snow just proved that he doesn’t care for the fans, only what enters into his pockets. Think about it, a huge name joining a wrestling company will get you high ratings for AT LEAST 2 weeks but soon after that, it will eventually collapse again. But having actual talent (meaning people who work, entertain, and take bumps) will get you viewers and higher ratings for years.

    • Orion

      I don’t care how many people watched the match, hogan Andre was one of the worst matches ever . BORING! Only superstars overhype that match . There’s certain matches you will watch over and over again , that is not one of them. The coolaid has run dry.

    • Joe

      The wrestling business isn’t rocket science, you’re right about that. But that doesn’t mean the douches who think they know how it works would ever make a dime in it. If you could, you’d actually be involved in wrestling instead of having to use the internet to tell everyone how you could improve it. And I’ll play devil’s advocate on the Hogan/Andre match. Was it, technically, a great match? Absolutely not. But the average person in 1987 didn’t care about Savage/Steamboat…most still didn’t even know who either of them were AFTER Wrestlemania 3. Average person STILL doesn’t know who Steamboat is. But they knew who Hogan and Andre are. That’s why it was the best match at Wrestlemania: big money, big name recognition. That’s why you’re still marks. You claim to understand how wrestling works without any recognition that the revenue generated by the “boring” high-profile matches are what move wrestling out of high school gyms and 4H barns. That’s why TNA brought on the so-called “washed up” big names. Without them, nobody cares…and by nobody, I mean everyone other than marks.

      • Wolfpac4Life

        Joe…I think u are 100% right..I dont know why I read these comentes because everyone is just talking shit all the time and I dont have time to explain to them why they suck, so I’m glad u did. Its about the money, and how do you get money? you put on a show that people want to see…not the inbred marks..because they are gonna watch in anyway. but the regular people..and so was the case with hogan…I just think that TNA sucks right now because insted of building their own brand, like before when people said it was the new WCW…I liked that…now its just like they are trying to do things the WWE way but they fails miserable, im a big hogan and bichoff fan..but tna right now sucks….fire russo..that guy sucks ass

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