Ricardo Gets Ticket Speeding To RAW, Live RAW Notes

Posted by Brad Davis May 8, 2012 3 Comments

– TMZ.com reports that Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez was pulled over police on his way to Monday’s RAW from Greensboro, North Carolina and was given a speeding ticket.

Rodriguez was going 70 MPH in a 55 MPH zone close to the Greensboro Coliseum attempting to make Raw on time and paid a $200 speeding ticket, which was increased due to him speeding in a construction zone

Perhaps Ricardo was just taking the speeding theme of WWE’s upcoming “Over The Limit” pay-per-view a bit too seriously.

— The live crowd at Monday’s RAW Supershow from Greensboro was said to be hot all night, with John Cena, CM Punk, Randy Orton and Kane getting big pops from the crowd. Vickie Guererro and John Laurinaitis were the most over heels.

Fans were said to be very surprised when Brock Lesnar’s music hit – and shocked when Paul Heyman walked out instead. There was a “holy sh*t” chant and one fan who wrote in called it a mark-out moment.

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    • marc stevens

      He should fight it… ask the pigs these questions in court and watch how fast you see what side the judge is on…. court is a scam. the judge, cop, persecuter are all paid by the same entity.

      Does this ticket present a valid
      cause of action? Yes or no.

      many elements does a cause of action consist of?

      are the elements of a cause of action?

      this ticket consistent with the constitution?

      Is there a victim? Yes or no.

      Have I been accused of violating
      someone’s rights? Yes or no.

      If yes, can you identify the right I allegedly

    • medicffgirl

      am i the only one who finds this hilarious?:)

    • Broski

      Better this than see Ricardo passes! There are a lot of people died in vehicle accident when they didn’t have to!

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