Ricky Steamboat Released From WWE As Part Of Budget Cuts

Posted by Matt Boone July 19, 2014 20 Comments

WWE Hall Of Famer Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat has reportedly been released from WWE as part of the company’s recent budget cuts.

Prior to his release, Steamboat had been working as a coach in NXT, as well as a Talent Relations assistant under Triple H at the WWE offices in Stamford, Connecticut.

This past May, Steamboat did some promotional work for the company in Malaysia, however he has been booked for several non-WWE wrestling conventions and interviews.

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(Credit: PWInsider.com)

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    • David

      They may as well have got rid of Tamina while they were at it. Was she ever really relavent?

      • Koolaid

        That’s the E’s fault I bet if Kharma was still around she would be pushed hard.

        • Joseph James

          Yeah off the stage

          • P.o.W.


      • Guest

        If Bischoff was in charge of talent Tamina would’ve been fired after undergoing and rehabbing from surgery just like what happened with Austin.

    • Guest4539382748594

      Taz! Do you know who that is?!? What is Dickey ‘the Dragon’ Streambond doing here in the Impact Zone?!?

      • Q9V

        Ricky Steamboat has already been in TNA.

        • Guest


    • Mr. X

      Malaysia. I’m guessing since he’s still alive he traveled to Malaysia by ship and not plane.

      • Joseph James

        I have 298 reasons why your comment is ignorant

        • Mr. X

          I have 2 reasons why that comment was fun, one of them involves a good game of hide & seek, & the other involves a missle lol

        • bender

          You mad bro? You lose a lot of good friends? Go anti-troll elsewhere douche. You’re not wanted here.

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny asks why the Great (Crappy) Khali hasn’t been released?
      He moves like Frankenstein with a stick up his ass inside the ring.

      • Bam Bam

        My only guess is they need a big person as a jobber other than that I have no idea.

        • Smark

          It’s the India thing. They need someone for the middle east tours. When I went to RAW, some Indian kid came out of the arena sincerely pissed that Khali didn’t appear on the show haha

          • Bam Bam

            They had Jinder Mahal he is Canadian-Indian and was being billed from Punjab, India. They should’ve kept him.

      • Q9V

        He supposedly does big numbers in the Indian market. Whether that’s true or not, I’m not sure.

    • Ryan

      Can’t remember him every doing anything relevant the last few years, apart from expertly being beaten up by the Nexus all those years ago

    • Marc Broner

      The WWE is releasing Ricky Steamboat, because they need more money, to support, the garbage WWE network. They, re sacrificing those, who helped make this company, in favor, of what’s destroying it. Think about this: think about, what you want, to see, then search for it, on You Tube.

    • Nicholas Williams

      Not a suprise

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