Road Dogg & Million Dollar Man Discuss Tonight’s Old School RAW, More reader Peter Ferreri sent along the following:

Listen to the MILLION DOLLAR MAN talk about how the current state of the WWE, John Cena as a performer, RAW goes “old school,” his dislike of the Ultimate Warrior, his rivalry vs. Hogan, the POP he would get in Omaha, how to cut a good promo, telling one of the hosts Dr. Pete’s Mom “not to worry” and MORE!

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The ROAD DOGG sits down the the hosts of SportsTownChicago to discuss his return to the WWE, the current state of the Tag Team Division, cutting promos, how he formed his tag team and had the “brass” to tell the WWE he didn’t like where his career was going, being a LEGEND, his return to Rumble last year, and MUCH MORE!

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