The Rock Comments On Forbes Naming Him Highest Grossing Actor Of 2013

Posted by Matt Boone December 24, 2013 16 Comments

Part-time WWE Superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who was recently named by Forbes as the highest-grossing actor of 2013, commented on Twitter on the subject. The Rock tweeted the following:

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    • Undertaker316

      no wonder why the rock doesn’t want to return to wrestling

    • Bulkster

      I’m happy for Rock. Hopefully he’s done with wrestling for good. Part timers are doing no good for the long term health of WWE.

    • Shaquille Burton


    • twet

      geez he’s not an actor

      • Bam Bam

        How is he not an actor?

        • twet

          even vin diesel though he has limited acting skills is far more superior than the rock, last 4 or 5 flicks he was in he played the same character and i’m not talking about sequels…

          • Guest

            No he hasn’t which just goes to show you haven’t watch hid last 4 or 5 flicks two of which are apart of the same series.

            • twet

              you’re right: snitch, pain&gain, gi joe, and fast5/6 he played totally different characters moron ;) only difference was he portrayed an idiot in pain&gain.

            • Guest

              Snitch – Construction worker who goes undercover to save his son.
              Pain & Gain – a cocaine addicted thug who converted to Christianity.
              Fast 5 & 6 – Plays a DSS Agent

              All similar looking roles [/sarcasm] maybe you should watch the actual movies and not the trailers/commercials for them.

            • twet

              the job and the character ain’t the same thing idiot, and actually i watched all of them ;)

            • Guest

              On the internet the truth is a lie and everything is permitted.

            • twet

              wrong again lil jimmy

            • John C

              vin diesel is not far superior to the rock, Matt damon is

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny says the Rock is going to gross more than any other “actor” for the mere fact that he “acts” in over 50 movies a year. It’s just quantity over quality.

      • nicki minaj

        If that was the case Sam L Jackson would be the richest man on this planet, The Rock is decent, starting to pik his roles better

    • Nomi

      You r right this not good news rock saying wwe is my home after that what is get gived superiors new year wrestlemania win & losts

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