Rock Concert Returning, Del Rio Comments After Big Win, More

Posted by Matt Boone January 12, 2013 5 Comments

- It was announced on Friday’s episode of SmackDown that The Rock Concert would return on the 20th Anniversary of RAW this Monday.

– Kevin Nash tweeted the following about Sting being on WWE’s Alumni roster:

“Was on an went thru the alumni how is Sting listed he never worked a WWF or WWE match? Not saying he’s not a legend just not a WWF WWE legend.If you never played for the Yankees how are you a Yankees legend?”

– New World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio tweeted the following after winning on last night’s SmackDown:

“The quest for the world Heavyweight champions started 2 years ago… Kane,Edge,Christian,shamus and Big show… I went trough everything, Time,pain,tears,sweat and blood to finally become WHC!!!!! Thanks to everybody!!!!”

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    • Muzlimboy

      Alberto winning the WHC as a Face was a much better idea then him winning it as a heel like his wwe championship run

    • Spencer Elliott

      He might of wont he title, but he can’t spell worth a darn. :-P

    • Beer Money Jobber

      The 1st Rock concert sucked, now another one. This tour needs to be cancelled. I hope Punk comes out & smashes The Rock’s guitar over his jabroni head.

      • Knock

        CM Punk isnt no Jeff Jarrett!! Punk won’t smash no one on the head so stop hating on The Rock

        • Beer Money Jobber

          Is it against the law not to like The Rock? He is so ever rated. He may have relevent 10 years ago, but not now. The Rock is not electrifying, not entertaining & not worthy of the people’s adulation. Only Hulk Hogan has worse in ring moves. The Rock bottom? The people’s elbow? The people’s eyebrow? All stupid, lame moves. The only reason The Rock returns for his yearly cameo appearence is to jack up the rating for Vince. And the WWE Universe falls for it. The Rock needs to know his role & shut his mouth. Then he needs to pancake his roody poo candy ass back to Hollywood & make more monkey crap movies.
          Knees to faces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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