Rock/Ellen, Shawn Michaels Comments On Scott Hall, Cena

— Shawn Michaels posted the following on his Twitter: “A lot of people have asked about Scott Hall. Simply put, its a private matter. He is getting help. All of us want the best 4 him.” [Disturbing Videos Of Scott Hall On Friday Night]

— John Cena will be on Tough Enough tonight, which airs at 8PM ET.

Kevin McGuffey sent in the following recap: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres show today. She began by asking him, “Is it Dwayne or are you still The Rock.” He said both, “I will always be The Rock but I am Dwayne too.”

They talked about Wrestlemania 27 Rock says it was incredible because he had 70,000 people chanting “If you smell what The Rock is cooking.” Rock says there is no other platform to get that kind of response.

Ellen asked since it had been 7 years were you rusty. He said no it is just like riding a bike you slip right back into it. There is nothing like performing in front of a live audience.

She mentioned you are getting in the ring again, he said in his hometown of Miami next year at Wrestlemania 28 he will be kicking ass and taking names. The funny thing is he never mentioned John Cena.

They showed a clip of Snooki and he said celebrities always want to be a part of Wrestlemania but she took it seriously and trained her butt off.

She asked about Team Bring It, he explained the concept behind it saying Regardless of whatever challenge you face, you always take it head on and never be afraid. Ellen read three responses from Rock’s Twitter says how the Team Bring It had helped them

After a commercial they talked briefly about Fast 5 and then played a True or False game.

Question Number 1- I am afraid of spiders, roller coasters and miniature horses- Ellen said False and the answer was True

Question Number 2- I appeared in an episode of Star Trek- Ellen said False but again that answer was True

Question Number 3- I appeared in the first video of Lady GaGa- Ellen said False and it is False

Question Number 4- I wanted to join the FBI- Ellen said True and it is True

Question Number 5- I am fluent in both French and Hebrew- Ellen said False and it is False. Although Rock said he does kiss that way.

Question Number 6- I can tap dance- Ellen said True, however the card said False but Rock said of course he can tap dance.

Question Number 7- I am a New York Times Best Selling Author- Ellen said False and of course that answer is True.

Question Number 8- I can make my pecs dance- Ellen said Yes and Prove It. So Rock does just that.

Overall great interview where they actually talked more about wrestling than his new movie.