Roddy Piper: Randy Savage Slapped Vince McMahon In A Bar

Posted by Brad Davis May 22, 2011 2 Comments

To add further fuel to the widespread belief that held in contempt during the wrestling legend’s final years, “Rowdy” claimed Friday on Twitter that the multi-time world champion once slapped the WWE Chairman at a bar.

He wrote, “Randy slapped Vince in a bar…End of that story!!”

The WWE Hall of Famer was writing stories on Savage following his passing earlier in the day. Knowing Vince’s legendary ego, something like that happening in public could certainly be a reason for him to hold a grudge for so many years.

Former WWE talent Sean “” Waltman, however, doesn’t believe that their alleged animosity is due to the bar incident in question. He wrote on Twitter in response to a fan bringing up the allegation: “I respectfully disagree with Roddy. Not that it didn’t happen, but it’s not where the heat came from.”

There is a long-standing internet rumor (which we do not endorse) regarding an alleged incident between Savage and that was said to have occurred several years ago, therefore explaining Vince’s animosity towards him. While the allegation has never been verified, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that ‘top people’ within WWE believed the rumor to be true.